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Do different kinds of alcohol make you different kinds of drunk?

Asked by bearfair (403points) May 8th, 2008

This question was prompted by elchoopenebre’s question about drinking gin. I’ve heard lots of people say that they have different reaction to different kinds of liquor- tequila gives one guy “crazy eyes”, gin makes you throw up, whiskey makes you angry, etc. I have never experienced this- no matter what I drink, I’m just about always the same kind of drunk (degree of drunkenness is a another story). What’s your opinion? Do you have certain reactions to certain kinds of alcohol? Is there some chemical basis? Are people just making it up?

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Stay away from wood alcohol.

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i’ve always found wine to make a happy bubbly drunk

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yes. from my own experiences i can say that different types of hard liquor will effect people different ways. for example I can drink vodka but if i try brandy i can’t think, talk, and usually throw up. wine makes me sleep differently than beer.

moral of the story, do not use in excess.

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I find:
Beer: makes me lazy/full/tired drunk
Wine: (same as shockvalue) happy/bubbly drunk
Spirits: just makes me drunk fast….

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Generally speaking no unless it is laced with other chemicals. The difference is in beer (about 5%), wine (about 13%), spirits (about 40%)is alchol content differences of course some product vary from this norm. Therefore you may feel drunker if your intake of ethyl alchol is higher.

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If you drink certain Belgian beers, the difference in alc. content between beer and wine is minimal…

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whiskey or tequila makes you belligerent a lot quicker than beer. if water tasted like wine we could jump in the river and stay drunk all the time. champagne makes me feel sexy.

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I have to drink quite a bit before I get drunk, but whiskey (I love Jack Daniel’s) gets me drunk faster than beer. And like beer usually makes me just sit back and chill while whiskey (and tequila) makes me want to have fun!

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I used to notice a difference (there’s a very special reason I do not drink gin anymore….or southern comfort), but as I get older I think it’s all the same and increasingly harder on my aging body. Drinking used to make me feel invincible, and now it makes me feel like I am definitely NOT a spring chicken anymore

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I know that vodka can be unpredictable and you may be drinking and not feel anything at the time so you keep drinking, then later all of a sudden it hits you all at once

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@nocountry2: how funny! i find the opposite is true for me. when i was young, i could drink whatever i wanted in large quantities with the same effect. now, i have strict limits on different beverages. after 2 beers max, i am seriously nauseous. rum is absolutely a no-no (one shot’s worth: i’m violently ill and pass out, not necessarily in that order!). wine puts me to sleep. everything else still makes me a happy drunk :D

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I think champagne does the best job!

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Yes is does. The sugar content of an alcoholic beverage combined with the percentage of alcohol has a lot to do with it.

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i have always thought that tequila was the worst kind of drunk but as peedub mentioned the amount of sugar can effect you a lot. if you sit and chug blue lagoons you will feel a lot different than you would on beer

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I think a lot has to do with your environment when consuming alcohol too. I’ve heard people say that wine gives them a chiller buzz, and I’m like of course it does cause you’re having a nice dinner or out on the patio- you’ve not in some dive pounding glasses of wine with your bros.

I’m sure they’re some empirical merit to the idea regarding sugar/alcohol content, but I think a lot of it is your environment and past experiences. I know so many girls that say tequila makes them go crazy- and it’s like no- when you’re in the mood to go crazy- you drink tequila shots, not the other way around.

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Spirits makes me drunk fast, i get blackouts if i drink to much and i get sick the day after. Beer is nice.

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Here is a saying that I heard years ago that always made me laugh.

“Whiskey then beer, have no fear. But beer then whiskey is pretty risky.”

I’m not sure what types of alcohol may be more potent than others but another consideration might be what types of alcohol you drink in which order that will have the most significant effects on you.

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Red wine makes me sleepy and makes my ears and cheeks very red, and I rarely drink enough of it to get me drunk. Beer and hard liquor both make me very outgoing and outspoken, and more into partying.

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First off, after you drank one kind, drinking another kind isn’t a good idea… gives me hangover/headache. I am more like Scotch guy even though I think that I’ve drunk almost all kinds of alcohols and mixes. I am not very good at mixes, though, to be honest. Stomach-wise: Rum makes me feel fuller and get me drunk quick but it loses strength after a little while (you know what I mean). Gin is for mixing but good as appetizer and for quick warmth. Vodka is for longer warmth and sound sleeping also a mixer. Wine (there are too many kinds) for a couple’s evening and for good night talkig, or a writer (maybe). BEER… Yay… Party and just for slower drunkenness but ir gets better on a breeze. After a tough day (or every day’s toughness) three rounds of scotch makes me forget the bad and renews and goods (if you know what I mean).

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I’m really not sure, but in my experience, the emotional flow during the process of intoxication, for me, highly relates to how fast or how slow I drink, what I’ve eaten, or failed to eat before consumption of alcohol, and as well, how much sleep I’ve had the night before.
Therefore, the types of alcohol I consume are an evident factor with HOW I’ve consumed them and under what conditions, mostly due to the alcohol percentage they have, or so I would imagine.

However maybe some do provide different types of “drunk”, depending on their ingredients and how your body reacts to these, such as drinks like absinthe, or micro beers…although in my case the latter seems to manifest itself in the hangover, rather than when I’m drunk.

But then I’ve never had actual, authentic absinthe so…XD

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Mixed drinks can have unique effects:

-Using citrus juice in Gin and Juice increases the effects of the alcohol by a noticeable amount.

-Irish coffee contains both caffeine and alcohol.

-Don’t get me started on Jagerbombs.

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I have to rewrite everything again!!! SHOOT! I’m Beth…5’8 130 lbs and have an extremely high tolerance!! Not lying!! I’m 27 and have drunk since I was 21. Champagne is my drink of choice….Cooks Brut. It’s cheap and good. But tonight I ran out and had some of hubby’s whiskey…...YUCK! hate it!! I guess you arent supposed to mix drinks though are you?

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Different types of alcoholic beverages do not inherently make people act differently. We act differently because we think we’ll act differently – it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

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It doesn’t matter what I drink, either way I’m getting faaacked the hell up!!!

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I joined this forum just because of this question. The only liquor Ive drank for the past 8 months is vodka, and I definitely drink alot of it (*At least a handle of Svedka/Absolute every 5 days for 8 months).. Svedka at home.. and Absolute(vodka tonic) at the bar. When I drink vodka.. Here are the effects if I am at home.
1–2 shots. almost like a caffeine high
3 shots. calm and relaxed
4–6 shots. I laugh at almost everything (When im out with friends and having fun) otherwise i started to get slanted eyes as if I were high.
7–10 shots. I start to feel tired but also feel the need to talk to people (ie: turn off the lights and talk on facebook if im home) if out Im slurring my words and hanging out with everybody
11–15 shots: Light starts to bother my eyes. Laptop gets puts away. America’s Funniest Home Videos now become funny instead of lame. (If im out im wandering the bar/club looking for someone I know)
16–18+ shots.. I get so tired I talk to myself and eventually pass out. The bed is as comfortable as the floor. If im at a bar Im leaning on the bar, looking from side to side for someone I know.)
19+ shots…At a bar, try to walk home, wait for a friend to help me, sit in a corner, or pass out in a bathroom.

Recently within the last 2 days I got reintroduced to rum.


3 shots. I feel drunk and tired.
5 shots. I mumble and make no sense. If I try to act sober I find myself slurring my words and acting awkward. I get nervous and dont want to be around people. I feel like Im under 21 again experimenting with alcohol for the first time.
7 shots. I just want to go to sleep. If i was younger I’de just be drunk like everybody else but 7 shots of vodka felt nothing like this. I just want to lie in by bed with the lights off and go to sleep.

Vodka always made me happy and ready to party. Rum now makes me drunk, quiet and nervous. I find it hard to believe like alot of people had said before my post, that it is the state of mind that contributes to how you react to the liquor, and that alcohol is alcohol.

Different liquors do different things, yes the alcohol may be the same. I used 80 proof of both vodka and rum, and the effects were significantly different.

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Popov Vodka is like Liquid Crack!!!! Always looking for a little more to get that buzz back….until the little more is too much. LOL

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I have always been the cool drunk guy, until he inevitably pukes; after that I’m the sit in the corner with his head in a garbage can while people snap pictures of him kind of guy. That being said, today I drank some crown royal with coke (A Canadian whiskey for those who don’t know) and some JD (coincidentally also marketed as a malt whiskey EVEN THOUGH it meets all the qualifications of a bourbon and could). Without knowing the alleged affects of whiskey on the ‘type of drunk’ you achieve, until reading this post of course, I oddly enough did seem to be an angry drunk for the first time in my drinking career. However, as I sobered up, I adopted a more pacifistic philosophy, even considering breaking up a fight on the street between to party-goers I had never met. That being said, I would have to say I’m convinced that drinking whiskey must have effected my mood, as I’ve never felt angry before when drunk, Hope that made sense, still kind of buzzed…

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In a bar, a standard drink size for each respective drink corresponds to about the same amount of alcohol. A shot of whiskey should contain about the same alcohol as a pint glass of beer or a wine glass of wine.

The major difference is the rate of intake.

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