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Cheap Accomodations in UK/Ireland/Scotland?

Asked by figbash (7468points) June 21st, 2007

My friend and I are traveling abroad this summer and trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Does anyone have any inside sources on places to find inexpensive rentals as an alternative to staying in hotels? We've already considered hostels, done an internet search and checked Craigslist UK. Any other suggestions you may have, based on experience?

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It of course depends on when/where/how, but there are "house swaps", which basically permits you to stay in someone's flat in Scotland, while the Scot comes and stays in your apartment/house/etc. in the states.

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We're going 7/22-8/8, so, in prime summer. I've seen the house swaps as well, but, we'll only be staying in each place for a day or two, so, we needed something a little more flexible.

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How about camping? If you had a tent then it would only cost you about $10 a night and maybe $2 for each person. It's very reasonable and a lot of fun if you pick the right sites. I've been camping around England every summer since I was small, on the tennis tour and it's been great. Give me a shout if you want any more details on it.

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You could consider Servas (, a group devoted to spreading peace and community around the world, by offering hospitality to travelers. It's a bit more work than booking a B&B;, because you need to submit an application and stuff. But from what I hear, it's an excellent way to travel. My wife and I are considering it for a trip we're taking in late summer.

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Thanks so much, bw, for the information about SERVAS!
I've stayed at a great B&B; in Edinburgh recommended by Rick Steves ("Europe through the Back Door"). Even though he is becoming so popular that one can tend to run into more Americans (and Washingtonians) than might be desired, he does have some inexpensive and good suggestions.

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You bet. Make sure to report back how it goes!

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Going to London? Tough to find cheap accomodations there, but we stayed at Merlyn Hotel in the Earl's Court area. (just there the end of June, 07) We saw dorm-type accomodations going for 90 pounds and our hotel was 75 pounds a night with a toilet and shower ensuite. Nothing fancy but clean and comfortable. Nice innkeepers as well.

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We also stayed in B&B;'s in Bath and Cotswalds if you're interested in those places. Relatively inexpensive. I'll check back later to see if you need more info.

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Camping might not be such a great option in the next few weeks as they're having a LOT of rain and flooding throughout the UK. Bring your slickers!

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