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What's the best show/movie for a drinking game?

Asked by Seek (34769points) September 24th, 2011

My hubby and I turned Dexter in to a drinking game. Drink whenever his sister, Debra, says “fuck”. Twice for “motherfucker” and three times for anything creative like “motherfucking fuck” or “I fucking love you”

Of course there’s always Star Wars. Do a shot whenever someone has “a bad feeling about this” or uses the words “dark side” and “complete” in the same sentence.

Beer doesn’t last long with that character around.

Question was inspired by the user who turned “Orange Drink” into “Liquid Death” watching Pulp Fiction.

What have you got?

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Whenever Jack Bauer says “damn it!”

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Me and a couple friends used to turn Bush’s speeches into drinking games and would drink whenever he fucked up or said something really stupid. But then we realized it wasnt so much a game as it was just constant drinking so we gave that up.

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Anything Smurfy is brutal.

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Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoons

Whenever anyone says “rabbit”... hold on to your chair when it comes to the song run rabbit run rabbit run run run.

The Flintstones cartoon – Any time the word “rock” is used.

Red Dwarf – Any time they say “smeg”.

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Get out beer barrels, you’ll need it. Deadwood. The c-words and the f word. Enjoy.

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If you can get a DVD of The Bob Newhart Show, a game of Hi Bob is always fun. Everyone chooses a character and when that person enters or leaves a scene, that person has to drink. And when someone says “Hi, Bob,” everyone has to drink. You could do this with any TV show, I would think.

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You could try the Big Lebowski (keyword: fuck). Not a fan of drinking games, there is no bad excuse for watching Lebowski.

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The Withnail and I Drinking Game.
From a very funny movie.

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Yes, “Hi Bob” is legendary !

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Friends and I once turned Walking With Dinosaurs into a drinking game to where whoever saw the dinosaurs poop in a scene and spoke up first didn’t have to drink the shot but everyone else did.

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The Deerhunter.
Bring your friends round for dinner & watch them shoot themselves in the head, hours of fun ;¬}

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@lloydbird – what do we drink when Withnail storms “Monty, you terrible cunt! What the fuck are you doing prowling around in the middle of the night?”


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@XD We drank to the Smurfs once when I was in college.

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This is the definitive list of TV / Movie drinking games.

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MCFLY! (that was on @GladysMensch‘s list)

Fringe: drink when Olivia frowns.

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In Twilight, whenever Kristen Stewart scowls, you take a drink. But she has that expression so often that you could argue that she either never changes her expression, and stay sober watching a terrible film, or it counts whenever she comes onscreen, and make the movie better but die in the process.

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Mad Men.

When they drink, you drink.

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Maybe I’ll play Star Wars. Then I might have consumed enough alcohol to impair my judgment far enough to consider watching Twilight.



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