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What is up with Gmail?

Asked by augustlan (47679points) September 25th, 2011

Every few seconds to every few minutes, my Gmail account is flickering in and out. Like it’s signing me off and then very quickly back on. The interruptions are wreaking havoc while I’m trying to work. Grrr. What could be causing this?

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Try clearing your cache and cookies, and restard your browser.

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@XOIIO Is that a real answer, or are you just feeding me my usual line? ;)

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Turning it off and on again is time honoured technique for fixing computer problems.

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I did clear my cache, but it’s still being weird.

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You sound like you’ve been trojan’d.

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I don’t know but my opera does the same (or similar) thing.. I did hear that Gmail is in the process of upgrading their site again, it’s now in Beta and warns that you might experience bugs because of it.. Their eventually going to replace this version for the old one and are currently working on it in the background.. this could be what’s effecting your current browser (as a sort of bleed through).

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@chewhorse Interesting. That could be it. It seems ok again at the moment. Hope it lasts!

@dreamwolf I’m pretty sure I don’t have a virus. Everything else is fine, and I run good anti-virus/malware programs.

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both XD

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@augustlan Same thing happening to me. Gmail and gchat sign me out mid-composition and it’s extremely irksome in chat. I wondered if there is some issue with the integration into google+ and higher loads on their servers than previously?

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Can’t decide what’s funnier: that gmail is “now” in beta, as if it had ever not – or – that Google+ has led to increased sever load.

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Well if you think Gmail is al;ways in Beta then click on the +You at the top left and read the update invitation for… Google+ is in Beta.
“That means that you might try out new features that are still in development, or even run into technical issues from time to time. Don’t worry, it’s still a lot of fun!”
Nothing on the web stays in Beta constantly else they couldn’t pr their new (beta) upgrades. Maybe you just think everything is funny, I can see that.

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