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Does anyone know how to turn your iPhone into a tv remote control?

Asked by Wine321 (8points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve heard rumors about people being able to change tv channels on their phone. I was wondering if it was possible on an iPhone. I think it would be cool to play tricks on people.

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tv remotes as far as i’m aware are still infrared, and I know that no cell phones use infrared anymore like they did in the early 2000s; you can however hack an ipod touch/iphone and use it to remotely control your computer, or you can download befree, and you can control your computer from your ipod/iphone through wifi and will be used as a complete remote, where you can see your desktop background etc, and run any programs from anywhere as long as you have befree running on your computer and go to the directed link in safari on your ipod/iphone; however beware it does cause safari to crash every now and then due to a known bug.

hope that answers your question :S

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You could use something like Homeseer software and an X10 to IR converter. But it that would get a little costly and would not work at a friends house as a “trick”.. Just get a TV Be Gone.

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I think this is what you heard the buzz on.

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