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What can be reasons of wearing sunglasses while in a company (in public)

Asked by rebbel (33087points) September 25th, 2011

There are people (mostly I notice celebrities do this) that (keep on) wear(ing) their shades while they are in conversation with a talk show host or when they are interviewed for a television program.
What could their reasoning to do so be?
I have learned that this is an impolite thing to do, as you should let your (conversation) partner be able to look you in the eye (and vice versa).
Could it be shyness?
Try to hold on to an image?
Sheer impoliteness?

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Trying to look cool on TV would be my guess.

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If you are on a stage or even a TV set, there are super-bright lights shined on you. That could be one reason (although they wouldn’t let the host get away with it) Also, celebs might wear shades so that you can’t see their eyes, which are part of their “body language.” They are trying fulfill their public obligations without revealing every single thing about themselves. I know Yoko Ono once said that she felt “secure” behind her dark glasses after John Lennon died, as though metaphorically, no one could get in and hurt her. It gave her some comfort.

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I almost always wear my prescription sunglasses in the car and sometimes I forget to bring in my regular glasses. I can’t see without aid, so I keep
on my sunglasses. At least I can focus on the person even if they can’t see my eyes.

I always think they’re high.

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To secretly ogle some lovely racks.

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It’s a morning show. They’ve been partying (read: stuff that makes your eyes red and swollen – you’re from Holland, do the math).

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I like to think its because they are stereotypical stars… ones who dabble in under the counter drugs and abuse of alcoholic beverages.. They’ve got to hide their bloodshot eyes and substantial under-eye luggage.

Of course, in reality.. it’s probably just because they want to look cool in the plethora of pictures that get taken of them.

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Personally, I am rather photosensitive. I cannot go out in the sun without sunglasses, and find light that is remotely bright to most people (like stage lights) to be blinding.

There are other possibilities as mentioned above, but photosensitivity is also possible.

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My coworker gets terrible migraines pretty frequently and wears sunglasses to work to help with them.

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Black eye.

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That’s the last time I’m clicking on @chyna ‘s link. I’d rather be rickrolled than corey harted.

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I put the name of the song on the link!

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Sunglasses at night in a link about sunglasses at night means it’s a link to – well, sunglasses at night, perhaps a wiki or other article. Some help that is luv.

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@zensky You mean something like this ?

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No idea about celebs but I forget I am wearing them fairly regularly! As with @tinyfaery, mine are prescription lenses.

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Yeah, fucking posers! The worst offenders i’ve seen are Stevie Wonder, Roy Orbison & Ray Charles. Just who the hell do they think they are eh? ;¬}

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Maybe they’re uncomfortable and wearing them makes them feel more at ease. Or they’re high and don’t want anyone to notice. Or they didn’t get enough sleep and they look like hell. Or the lights in the studio are awful.

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