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If you were to judge a person then on what basis would you judge him/her?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) September 25th, 2011

Would you judge them on the basis of their best “Good” deed or their worst “Bad” deed?

For example opening an orphanage but beating his wife.

Save the life of 20 people but murdering an old enemy (Not life threatening).

Finding the cure for cancer but being sexually abusive towards individuals or being a pedophile.

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Judge them to be of use to others, a friend to me, around people I care about? I’ll judge the bad deed and weigh it against what they have to offer.

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Even if the good deed helped mankind (like your 3rd example), I would be hard pressed to outweigh that kind of bad deed with a good one. Maybe if the person, after finding the cure, killed themselves.

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Your question sure makes a person think. I’m a believer that doing “good” begins one person at a time. Neiz, I think your answer might possible be THE only answer. The cure for cancer? There is not a person on this planet that hasn’t been touched by this vile disease….how willing would we be to look past a horrible criminal action for the sake of millions of lives saved..? Man oh man. I’m sitting here realizing that although I know “good” from “bad”, Laurie is now questioning some of it….GAH! Great. Not going to sleep tonight now! >;-P

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People can be full of contradictions and often the words good and bad are not adequate to describe them. I would have to look at the person as a whole and try to make sense of it. Right now I am trying to figure out my nephew. He dropped out of college and was dealing drugs. I know that he is basically a decent person, so it is hard for me to make sense of him.

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Now this depends on the situations. If he/she’s doing something good bad has his/her darkside .. well nobody’s perfect… gues I’ll have to be in that situation to answer. Till then I’ll keep thinking about it.

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I don’t judge people and I have only one Judge.

What they do in one regard or instance may have nothing to do with the other.

If you are talking about having various feelings about a person because they do something incredibly good in one case and incredibly bad in another, that to me is different than judging them.

I base those conflicts on what I know and what they did directly to me. They are human and thus make mistakes. I guess it depends on if it was a mistake and how they handled that mistake.


I’d judge the person on his best good deed, and only if his bad deed happened awhile ago. I forgive people well.

But it would be foolish to judge a person just based on what good and bad deeds he has done. There is a lot more to people than certain actions. I have to see what kind of personality he has, his attitude, his interaction with me and others, etc.

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I try very hard to not judge others, since it’s not my place to do so. But, being human, if I discover that someone has done a particularly dastardly deed, I would probably not want to hang around with them, which is a kind of judgment, I suppose.

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I judge people by how they treat others, mostly. I seem to concentrate on the bad more than anything though, so that’s why I have no friends. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize good. It’s just that like, so much shit seems black and white, when it’s probbaly all so subjective, and then I can’t figure anything out lol.

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I think every thought process we have is either a judgement or an opinion. Not judging the shortcomings of a person who does Good deeds is one thing and not holding something against a person who does bad deeds and does not regret is another. I think I would judge the person based on their worst “BAD” deed although whether the person regrets his actions or not is something I would consider in the process of my judgement. Although there is no black or white (or its rare), I think people in the grey zone should be held accountable for their BAD actions. We can choose to appreciate their positives but we should also strongly condemn their negatives.

@CaptainHarley I think the quote I mentioned in an earlier question can have some application here. “Death of one man is the death of all mankind” in a analogical sense. What I mean is their BAD deed (say killing one man) is not excused by their good deed (saving one man).

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I tend to agree. As a christian, I rely on God to sort out this sort of thing.

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I judge/appraise people on things like how I feel around them, do we communicate well with each other, is this person a complainer or not. How you judge or appraise others totally depends on the situation. For instance, if I’m interviewing you for a job, I am going to be looking at a whole other set of questions I would attempt to answer about you before I make a final decision. Another example is that if I am deciding if you will be a good friend or not, I will look for traits I look for in a friend and measure you against that. If I’m judging a coworker, I look to see if they carry their weight or are they somebody who is a slacker. I hope these real life scenarios at least attempt to answer your question and that you find it helpful. That was a good question.

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This may seem like a strange question but I was wondering the following. When it comes to a job and if you had to choose between one of the following two candidates, whom would you pick?

-A friendly, honest employees with high ethical values and moral standards who does his job 95% well.
-A manipulative person who may not do well with all the employees but does his job 100% well and is an asset to the company because of his manipulative skills.

Thank you.

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