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Who's your favorite sidekick?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) May 8th, 2008

Which one of the lovely ladies from Dr. Who’s latest series do you prefer? Personally, I would have to say Rose, because she really gets the hang of adventuring much easier than Martha, and Donna is quick to always find the most negative aspect of a situation. Thoughts?

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Ed McMahon….
Of course, Igor was damn cool too!

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Maybe you should change your question to be more like your description. No?

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When it comes to Dr Who sidekicks, my pick would have to be the savage warrior ‘Leela’ played by Louise Jameson, who accompanied Tom Baker’s Dr Who. She was cool and violent. As for sidekicks generally, my favourite was always Mingo from ‘Daniel Boone’

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Al Gore was a pretty good sidekick.

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the coolest sidecick? marokko the mole, from secret agent squirrel !

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I’m going to answer the main question because I’ve never seen Dr. Who (it’s on the to-do list though)

As far as 007 sidekicks go though, I’m a fan of Odd Job from Goldfinger and Nik-Nak from “The Man with the Golden Gun.” I like my sidekicks short and feisty—I have no idea why that is (wow, I’m kinda creeping myself out now). Jaws is awesome too of course, but he’s much more of a full-fledged henchman than a sidekick.

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Sharona, from Monk. Or any of Clooney’s sidekicks from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

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