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If any of the ”innocent, political” prisoners in Guantanamo could have produced a million bucks could they have bought their freedom?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 26th, 2011

It seems like many Americans escape doing foreign jail time because celebrity politicians like Bill Clinton, or just plain celebrities make behind the scene deals, and/or toss in high bail money. Would that work the other way for political prisoners that the US is holding?

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It’s possible, especially if they can’t squeeze any more information from them and there’s no political heros that they can barter these prisoners for.. Funny, if their our enemy we call them criminal but if their ours, their deemed hero. Sort of allowing the law to lie in order to gain a confession from the accused, but if the accused lies once (just once) then their deemed unlikely to have ever told the truth from that point.

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How could we possibly know? It would just be speculation.

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The PM here pulled some strings (kissed some ass probably) and had David Hicks extradited back home to serve out the balance of his sentence. Now of course he has written a book about how misunderstood he was (despite the fact he was training with Al Quada) and the fight is on as to whether he can benefit financially from the proceeds.

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Nope. We’re keeping them their for a s long as it takes. No trial, no bail, no communication, no hope.

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Shouldn’t they rather be given a million bucks for this gross infringement of their civil liberties unless it can be shown that they are guilty?

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