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Is there a JavaScript debugger that works with Dashboard widgets?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) June 21st, 2007

I've grown accustomed to the Firefox plug-in Firebug for JavaScript debugging. Who knew that stepping in and over breakpoints could be so much fun? Anyway, is there something comparable that works in Apple's Dashboard environment?

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Safari has it's own debug menu, but it is turned off by default. see htat for turning it on. Or grab the safari enhancer:

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Ah yes, I have long had the debug menu turned on. AFAIK, this only allows you to show a JavaScript console that lists any errors that may have occurred in the execution of the code. What I'm asking for specifically is a way to set breakpoints in widget JavaScript, then to step in, through, etc. as in a proper debugging application.

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I see Drosera as a true debugger for WebKit, but is there a way to attach it to a widget?

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You could also try Firebug Lite, which works on any browser. it's not as full featured as Firebug, but functionally I've found it useful and it's gotten me out of a few jams. Especially because it works on IE as well.

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I'm told Dashcode has some tools for debugging, but I have no idea if it's anywhere close to what you need.

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@ben, Thanks, Firebug Lite is cool, but it looks like it's only an error console. I'm really looking for something that lets me set breakpoints in my code.

@bw, Having built widgets "by hand" long before Dashcode was an option, I didn't even think to check out its debugging options. I'll take a look.

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