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Back passenger main automatic window shattered and need a cheap quick fix, any suggestions?

Asked by shammie (64points) September 26th, 2011

I am not talking duct tape and plastic, so please don’t suggest.

My window broke while I was trying to put a bike in my car, done it a thousand times, but it just was not my day that day. Anyways, I feel like my car is unsafe, like someone may try to rummage through it. Even though it is a beat up car(literally worth nothing to sell it), I do not live in the best part of town. Obviously I removed anything of value, but I am in the middle of relocating and it has been a major crutch.

I talked to someone who was nearby when it happened and he suggested I buy some plexiglass and cut it to shape, and just fix it in place as a temporary fix. I like this idea, but how would I know how big to buy the plexiglass so that it will stay in place. Or, for that matter, how thick would it have to be; thicker than the window glass so it is a snug fit? The window will no longer roll up and down, not sure if that is an issue.

Someone also suggested I call junk yards to find the glass and then find someone nearby who may be able to put it in for cheap or barter(I literally have no $ to my name). I am about to look up how to remove inner panel from door to see what it looks like on the inside.

I live near Mission Beach, San Diego, temporarily. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help!

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The junkyard solution is a sound one and not impossible to do.

Youtube has any how-to video imaginable
Car window search

Written instructions

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See my answer above… LOL

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Also, contact the local high schools auto club and see if they might take on this project for you. That would be a great project for them.

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You may hate duct tape, but sooner or later you will have to use it to secure this window.

If you believe the plexiglass is the way to go, then measure the dimensions of the open hole and take them to a hardware store. Be sure the glass is not too thick, so you cannot see out of it. This could be a traffic law violation.

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My best alternative advice would be plexiglass as well in the meanwhile; because honestly, if it’s a junky car anyway, nobody in a bad neighborhood would want it… and therefore your next worst enemy if you at all plan on keeping this vehicle is…

*Dun dun duunnn…. *Animal Spray! Cat, raccoon, beaver… doesn’t matter what animal, if there is an open window for it to crawl into, you got stink issues that will stay with you for years after that car is long fixed and given to your youngest child for college.

Seriously, you’ll walk after a while of that.

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You’re in a populated area, so I’m sticking with the junk yard idea as well. It will take you just as long to find and cut plexiglass as it will to find an actual replacement window.

It’s much simpler than you think. I had a window break last summer, and the entire process cost me $35 and a few hours.

Here’s what you need to do:
Call a local junk yard and give them your car make, model and year. They should be able to tell you if they have any cars in stock. Some yards have a parts department that will get the window for you. If you have to go remove the window from a car, all the better; because you can see how the door panel comes off of a junker (not your car). Once you have the window, it’s simply a matter of removing the door panel (a few screws… follow @Cruiser advice and find a youtube vid or an actual manual explaining the process), and then slide the window back into place. Replace the panel and screws and you’re done.

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