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Is lettuce OK if it is a little brown on the edges.

Asked by saint (3970points) September 26th, 2011

I feel like making a salad for dinner. I have some lettuce I got last week. It was in a zip bag, in the crisper. It is still crunchy, but a little brown on the edges. Other than being ugly, is it OK to eat?

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Absolutely fine to eat, just trim. =)

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Just rip off the ugly parts and it’ll be fine.

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No one will ever know, but you. Say goodbye to the brown and hello to your salad for the night.

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Yes, just rip off the brown parts, or send it over here, my geese will love it. haha

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If you trim the brown bits off it will be fine but if the rest of the lettuce is in any way slimy, sling it.

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Brown ON lettuce is good, BROWN lettuce is bad. I’m (was) a cook in the army, and one thing I learned is DON’T trim the brown with anything metal, just rip it off. I don’t know the science to it, but metal makes lettuce turn brown quick. Dumb the lettuce in a small ice bath (ice water) to make it REALLY crisp!

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@Moegitto Yes, you’re right, don’t cut lettuce with a metal knife, or, for you army cooks, a piece of shrapnel that’s lying around. :-) I think they do sell plastic knives for cutting lettuce but those always seemed silly to me, at least for someone not cooking for the multitudes. I just tear it. It’s pretty easy.

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I’m the Food Safety & Quality admin at a processing plant that does fresh produce – rotten food is pretty interesting…lettuce can be brown & soggy…and still completely safe to eat, just disgusting. It’s when the little micro-organisms start growing is when you gotta watch out. & of course you dont know by looking at it, when that is other than mold…

But anyway, just rip off the brown parts & you’ll be fine. :)

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