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How can I get some easy money?

Asked by Bobmilhouse (43points) September 26th, 2011 from iPhone

So, I’m 13, too young for a job and my parents are divorced so it would be hard to get one right now anyway. Are there any ways that I can make some quick money: legally (example: Picking up cans) – I am doing that already

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13 is the perfect age for doing yardwork and other things for friends and neighbors. I just paid an 8th grader $25 for about an hour and 10 minutes worth of yardwork for me yesterday.

I got his number off a local bulletin board at a nearby market.

Put up some notes around your neighborhood offering raking, dog walking, etc.

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You magically get younger during the writing of two questions…..from 14 to 13
I’ll have what you got!
Mow lawns.
Sell lemonade.

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Lol sorry for the confusion, I’m turning 14 next month so I put the age that I’d be next summer.

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@Bobmilhouse Well, let me be the first to congratulate you!
And welcome to Fluther.

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There is no easy money. It all takes hard work of one kind or another. Sorry.

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Clean out garages, Cut grass, Offer to run errands for people. Offer to pet sit, or walk neighbors dogs. There is a lot you can do if you put your mind to it!

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I think shoveling snow and cutting grass are the most common. I caddied and delivered newspapers when I was twelve.

I knew a guy who was mowing lawns at twelve, and directing a small lawn-mowing company with two trucks and a dozen employees at nineteen.

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Paper Route! Dog Walking Services, Pet washing, Car Wash.

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There are a limited number of ways to get get money and none of them are easy. You get money by working for it, begging for it, stealing it, winning it, finding it, inheriting it or printing it yourself. Two of those methods are illegal, three are a matter of pure, dumb luck so that leaves, I think either working or begging and begging is both undignified and more work that you might imagine. I suggest working for your money. Fall is upon us and there will be leaves to be raked all over the place. You could start a leaf raking business. Come by my house and I’ll pay you whatever the going rate is. I hate raking leaves.

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Work at Mcdonalds, they hire people at age 14 with permission from your parents. I’m not sure if that works everywhere thought. I live in Vancouver Canada and age restriction to work is 15.

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babysitting… hold an end of summer car wash… run errands or do chores for your neighbors and family friends (trusted adults)... sell stuff that you make like food or crafts… Dress up as an elf and wrap peoples xmas gifts…

all kinds of fun stuff u can do :)

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I’m not saying go do this, but most pizza delivery places hire kids under the table all the time. You have to know your states youth labor laws. Mines was if your under 16 you can’t work whats considered a full time job. But the pizza places (I worked at dominos) Would hire us for “promotional” work. It was the best times of my youth, all we did was put those flyers you guys know and love on peoples doors. It was only for 2 hours, but they still had to pay us the minimum wage. $7.25 a hour, 2 hours everyday. Weekends we’d come in at 11 and be off before any of our friends woke up. Best part was even though we were on the pay roll, we were “promotional”, so they couldn’t tax us. Plus the boss would give us a bonus if we threw a rival (Papa John’s, pizza hut) flyer on the street because the company would get fined for littering. The only down side was that we got dropped off at the end of a block and we had to run/jog straight through until we did the whole neighborhood, then get in the truck and go to another one. Being from where I’m from, seeing some peoples houses all big and nice looking kept me doing the right thing, because I knew joining a gang would never allow me to move to a neighborhood where I could leave my garage open while I was away at work.

Man I’m getting old….

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Wash cars. I have three cars and paid a 12 year old $125 for washing them all by hand.

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@KateTheGreat I can wash cars…. :P

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Use the advice others have given you so far to earn a bit of money, once you have some money invest it in materials to create a product.

You are going to need a product you can make with little to no tools, in other words a lame product, so you will also need a gimmic. I would suggest something like making cheap bracaletes out of string and cheap beads, and use the gimmic of calling them “good luck charms”, you can pick up on the superstition buck. Once you have some, go out and use your youth and innocence to shift as many of them as you can.

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Take the winter to teach yourself small engine repair. It’s not that difficult. I’m talking lawn mowers, snow blowers, trimmers… etc. Garage sales are a great place to find cheap, barely or non-running units come next spring. Buy ‘em cheap, fix ‘em, and sell ‘em on craigslist.

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Make art, and sell it on the streets son. Slang what you make, legally.

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Where are you are you in an area that has alot of farms? are you in a rural or a city area? rural see about doing yard work for neighbors, city see if you can walk dogs for your neighbors. What every you choose relibity is very important and it will go along away in showing your character.

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A friend of mine used to bag up leaves and pour them on someone’s lawn overnight, then knock on their door the next day and ask if they wanted her to rake their leaves. She would usually get around $17.00 for each house. When she was raking, she would bag up the leaves as she worked. Rinse and repeat.

Also you might be able to do the same thing with snow, if you live in a region with a cold winter climate.

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