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What do you think philosophers and other famous figures would be like online?

Asked by Blackberry (31011points) September 26th, 2011

Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, Beauvoir, Hobbes, Hume, Wittgenstein etc. What do you think their online personalities would be like? Let’s just assume they would be “into” online forums and Q&A sites.

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What…, Simone is a philosopher?

They would love Fluther and @wundayatta’s answer would be short compared to theirs. ~
We would see threads with contribution numbers in the threehundreds.

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I know this much, S├śREN probably would have loved it! He loved every damn thing.

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Socrates would be a right troll.

Plato would be the pedant that kills threads.

Kant would be one of those guys that waffles on at length with no discernable point.

Wittgenstein would be the guy who drops cryptic, one-sentence answers into a thread and never posts again.

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@the100thmonkeyWittgenstein would be the guy who drops cryptic, one-sentence answers into a thread and never posts again.” Lol!

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Sartre would post from a cafe, endless posts that end up being undecipherable but full of despair.

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They’d have a field day. The internet is the most open and accessible means for expressing philosophy I mean, like, if you’re into philosophy. And if your philosophies aren’t anti-technology, then they’d just go wild. Hell, I’m sure there are hundreds of them online already that we don’t even realize!

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First, I’d like to thank you for grouping philosophers with other famous figures.

Most of Nietzsche’s posts would be helpful and erudite (he was apparently very gentle in person), but we’d have to ban him from all religious topics lest he let loose with endless—though still erudite—personal attacks and flame-bait.

Hobbes would think that @augustlan didn’t have enough power. Every time he answered a new question, his first remark would be controversial and extreme. When asked for clarification, however, he’d walk it back to something that seems pretty sensible (even if rather paranoid).

Hume would basically be like me, but nicer, smarter, and way funnier (so maybe not much like me after all). While Thomas Reid would try trolling him at every opportunity, Hume would keep coming up with jovial ways to put him off. He’d also go out of his way to explain how everyone who disagreed with him was quite clever (even if blatantly wrong).

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@SavoirFaire Nice! And I didn’t want to disregard other intellectually useful people of the past and present.

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Depends on the website. I think most of the people I like would unfortunately post really awful internet jokes on tumblr but might be okay on a site like fluther.

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Hitler would be hilarious, like an uber troll. Einstein would proably get all frustrated & return to his chalkboard.

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@ratboy Cool website, thanks!

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