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Is it just me or is there a hoaxer on the loose?

Asked by Ela (6498points) September 26th, 2011

Is it just me or is there a hoaxer shamelessly running amuck keeping our Mods very busy? So far I have had the pleasure of stumbling across two completely absurd discussion questions.
The first post I read made me pause and say “Seriously? People actually ask things like this and it’s allowed?” Being new to Fluther, I quite frankly did not know what to think… until I went to the Home page and saw the question’s link was missing.
After coming across the second one, I again thought “Seriously?” but it was followed this time with “People actually have nothing better to do in their life then post inappropriate questions on a Q &A site?”
I can’t help but laugh and think how truly blessed my life is.
Both ridiculously stupid discussions were promptly closed.
I’d like to give a big kudos and trophy of pure awesomeness to the Mods here. I can not even begin to imagine some of the Q&As they must wade through just to keep this site at the amazing level of integrity it currently maintains. Thank you for all you do! : )

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Are you talking about the “Can you follow me on tumblr” person? That person (I feel like it is always the same person) is getting really annoying.

And yes, I do appreciate the moderation here at Fluther.

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@PhiNotPi No. Both were inappropriate sexually related questions posted by someone posing as a 13 year old.

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@EnchantingEla I have not seen those questions (but don’t tell me where to find them).

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@PhiNotPi I wouldn’t even if you asked lol They are long gone : )

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That happens some times. Some fool doesn’t read the rules, or, I imagine, is someone really bored. I highly doubt it’s one of our regulars though, (although that has happened before, so who knows really) as I’m pretty sure that the mods can see if someone makes a second account. Don’t quote me.
But yeah, sometimes, stuff like that happens. Much less on here than other places I’ve been at, though.

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Mods are always busy. Between spam, personal attacks, typos and quality issues, there’s always plenty to do!

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Mods are gods. * sigh *

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The Mods are goodly people. Overworked, undervalued and certainly deserving of our respect. They smell oh so nice, too!
and, despite rumors to the contrary, they have never, ever considered eating their children

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A ho axer? Now who would want to axe my ho’s? I mean seriously, dead hookers are overrated.

It’s great having some awesome mods. That’s for sure.

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I know what you mean. When someone asks a question like “why can’t we get pregnant” – I just don’t know what to think. I mean, what were you expecting of a question and answer site?

Click on “this” to give blood samples for our resident doctors to analyze?

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I know what you mean. When someone asks a question like “why can’t we get pregnant” – I just don’t know what to think.

They’re doing it wrong!

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@augustlan Not to mention that the mods are very busy, and I don’t think many people know this, behind the scenes, preparing Fluther’s defenses for the Zombie Apocalypse!

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Our mods are great about bringing down the hammer quickly on the fake questions remember that boy with the cactus stuck up his rectum?! but their job would be harder without the volunteer army of troll-guards.
Sight ‘em – report ‘em – tease ‘em a bit – poof!

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@Blueroses I thought about flagging one but was unsure what would happen LOL : (
Then I thought about flagging myself, but again, I didn’t know what would happen and didn’t want to get myself into trouble…

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@EnchantingEla I’ve flagged myself a couple of times but I continue to exist. :) I was worried about that the first time.

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@Blueroses I didn’t want to get the boot right off the bat and if I ever find myself in the unpleasant predicament of having a cactus up my rectum, I’ll know not to ask about it ; )

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If you flag, all the mods get an email about it. We take a look and decide if action is needed. No end of the world scenarios, don’t worry. :)

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