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Do you have rules about who to flirt with?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) September 26th, 2011

My Mother was a waitress for my Father.

They both raised me, however, never to hit on a woman who was being paid to be polite to me and being reviewed by customer comments.

Do you have rules on who you will flirt with?

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Yep. I only flirt with my wife.

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Are you talking about flirting or hitting on someone? There’s a difference, I think.

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I don’t flirt with or date anyone I work with.

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@lillycoyote Let me clarify, I was speaking in degrees. When I think flirting or hitting on, I am always talking about signaling sexual interest in a manner that you expect the other person to react.

I was raised to do neither to a waitress.

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I try not to flirt with people who are in monogamous relationships, but other than that, no. If I find you attractive, I’ll probably flirt with you.

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Women. Only women.

Well, ‘and girls’. But to them I’m invisible anyway.

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I was a waitress during college and found it somewhat degrading to have a customer hit on me. Maybe because it happened all the time. I personally think there is a line there to not cross. There are rare exceptions (such as you find the person so compelling you feel a need actually to get to know them).

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Rules? Only twOO.

: )

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^ ^ ^ LOL… need I say more?

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@EnchantingEla Whaaat?

I made it a rule never to flirt with anybody who is cocking a gun as I approach.

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@mazingerz88 Ahhh… I see that now ; ) And a doube barrel shotgun no less…. lol

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Yes. I flirt with friends who understand the banter is meant in fun and not with an agenda to romance. I also agree with @lillycoyote that flirting and hitting on someone are very different things.

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I agree with @chyna . Don“t S&$t where you eat.
Bad form!

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No fatties or uglies or males or geriatrics. Otherwise i’m good to go, when in the mood of course.
Yup, i’m that shallow when it comes to flirting, it’s all bullshit anyway!

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Nobody. That’s all there is to me. Just no.

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