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What are some good ones?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) May 8th, 2008

Like I’m trying to think of the coolest science experiments to suggest to my teacher because we have so much extra time at this time of the year. Like something along the lines of Non-Newtonian liquids all the way to the Meissner effect.

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Well that falls under the Meissner effect

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superfluids, like liquid helium. it is frictionless. none whatsoever.

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None whatsoever? How does that work? Does perpetual motion exist?

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You could always make slime. That was supposed to be one of the highlights of my high school chemistry class. As you can probably guess, we were severely underfunded.

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i dont know much about it, but youtube does.
i really dont have the knowledge to understand all of it, and even less to teach about it, so dont ask me any questions.

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It is called ferrous fluid (I believe) and it is fun beyond the telling of it. I would link to youtube vids were I not on my phone.

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Depends how elaborate you want it to be, but I’m sure you’ll find something good here

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Placing pure sodium in water & watching it explode & fizz out it super entertaining. Also, watching a magnesium strip burn over a bunsen burner is an excellent way to observe an exothermic reaction. One of my favorites is pouring sulfuric acid over sugar and watching a purely carbonic solid mass emanate from the beaker. Placing pennies manufactured after 1984 in hydrochloric acid & allowing them to sit overnight produces an interesting result, but you must make 4 indentations with a scalpel on the edge of each penny before placing them in the acid for this to work. I won’t disclose the end product just in case you actually perform this experiment. These are a few if the fun activities my chemistry class performed through out this school year. If you need further details, I’d google them.

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