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How did you meet your partner?

Asked by silverangel (936points) September 27th, 2011

It is always intriguing to find out how two people can meet each other and feel as if this meeting was arranged by fate. If you are related to someone and would like to share your story about how did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend or your spouse and whether the relationship was smooth or full of difficulties, obstructions or challenges. You are welcome to share your experience and have fun.

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We sat next to each other on a bus in Prague and I told her I liked her jacket. I did.

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Trust me you dont want me to answer this question today.

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@Mamradpivo wow that’s nice, I wonder if a relationship could be started when someone says “I like your profile picture”?

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@choreplay hmmm.. I wonder why…

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@silverangel one can never know where things might go if they don’t give it a try. We always miss out of friends because we don’t say a word or do something at some point. For instance a while ago when i was buying bread there was this guy asking people in front of me to buy him a bread because he was out of money. Nobody before me bought him a bread so I just asked for one more than my usual. Later I met him in a different place and we started chatting. He wasn’t poor but he really was out of money then. We became friends from s simple gesture.

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We were lab partners in anatomy. At first, I ignored him but one day he told me I was beautiful and he wanted to meet me for coffee. Since then, we’ve been quite the pair!

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We worked for the same company, he asked me out when he was getting ready to change locations. We dated for over a year before anyone knew we were a couple, they only found out when we got engaged. We’ll be married this November, almost three years after our first date.

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@Neizvestnaya Congratulations in advance, I hope everything goes well and have a happy life =D

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@Hibernate well that’s one of the meetings I call “arranged-by-fate-meetings”, it’s cool
@KateTheGreat my parents knew each other in the same way as well as my grand-parents..
I wonder if my yet-mysterious partner will meet me in the same way too :P

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@silverangel I can’t call it fate. Because fate can’t know If I was decided to help him or not. I had an opportunity and I did something good. I got much more in return but this is beyond the point.

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We met at a keg party, lol.

My best friend was dating a man with two roommates, and it was decided that his single roommate and I should be thrown together. I was shoved into his bedroom by my best friend who yelled “Y’all get to know each other!” We both fell hard for each other, almost immediately that night, which leads us to believe that love at first sight does exist. It’s been over 12 years since that night, and we’re still together. =0)

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We met in college, during a game of “killer” (kind of live action thing). I shot him with a water-pistol, hit him (not purposefully) in the eye and it turned out to have been vinegar instead of water. He always claimed that it was love at first sight for him when he met me. I remind him that he had acid in his eyes at the time so he can be excused.

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My husband and I had been friends with the same couple in college, but we’d never met. We both went to their wedding, and sat in the same pew at the church. Our pew was full of people around college age or a little older. He was the only person in the pew who had enough self confidence to stand up to all of those people and get communion. I was raised Catholic, and knew that the only people that received communion were people that believed what the church taught. I wanted to meet someone that would stand up for what he believed in front of all of the other people in the pew.

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We lived next door to each other with different people.

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Don’t have one, don’t want one.

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A double blind date. I call it that because I wasn’t told to go to the party and be someones date. My friend just set me up and only told my husband I would be his date. I was just asked to come to a party and that a big group was going and the she wanted me to meet him. When I asked if she was trying to set me up on a blind date? She said no. She just wanted me to go and have fun.

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We met at the mail pick up she had a bottle of JD and we drank a lot of it that night. We rattled the slats pretty much all night and she asked if I would consider marrying her. I said ok. That was in 1982 and I really don’t like JD anymore. Beat that.

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@silverangel “I like your profile picture” was what I said to my girlfriend. We met through an online dating service.

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@zenvelo wow can’t believe that actually happened, nice :)
@GabrielsLamb I didn’t expect such an answer but to be honest it’s a unique one..

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I met my wife through the Great Expectations dating service in 1994.

Wow, I just went to their website and found out that they don’t serve same-sex dating. :-o
‘tis a good thing I’ll most likely never use a dating service again.

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