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For the heavy music folk concerning double bass?

Asked by 8lightminutesaway (1416points) May 8th, 2008

I listen to a lot of metal, hardcore, and everything inbetween and I’m on a quest to find the best double bass style and riffs of all time. For example, losin it by bury your dead is loaded with double bass. I’m addicted to the sound… Anyway, make some suggestions and I’ll listen to all of it!

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Between the Buried and Me are just insanely talented musicians
Bleeding through,evergreen terrace,he is legend,all that remains,every time i die,it dies today,job for a cowboy,killwhitneydead,Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster,unearth,undermined
I’m not a big fan of some of these bands but they should feel your need for double bass.

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I love the intro to Nickleback’s Animals.

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Oh yeah, and anything by Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater.

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