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Where do I find free ebooks for my Nook?

Asked by the_sherpa (108points) September 27th, 2011

I just got a Nook to take on my upcoming trip to thailand so I don’t have to carry books. I got the Nook over the Kindle because you can check out books from your library for free! I tried, and the books have disappeared within a couple days, and I don’t know why. They still show up in my Adobe reader “nook”, but they aren’t in my Nook.
Anyhow, where can I find free ebooks to download, and how do I get them to my Nook? (I’m on a Mac)

Thanks heaps!
The sherpa

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You could try Project Gutenberg. I don’t have a Nook so I have no clue about transferring them.

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My sister tells me you can put almost any EPUB book on your Nook, and there are bunches and gobs of freebies already available to download from Barnes and Noble. There are a lot of classics available. Type either “free” or “0.00” into your search bar on your nook and see what comes up.

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B&N has added a ton of new free books. Their selection is much better than it used to be.

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