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Raw Diet pros and cons?

Asked by mollye (36points) May 8th, 2008

i am a bit cynical but I’m interested. Is it just a life of salad?

Resources? Personal success with it?

Is it kind of awful? It seems like it may be kind of awful. ;)

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Another new diet. Accompanied undoubtedly by another new book. If we’re unlucky, infomercials. I can find plenty of other new and fun things to entertain myself with rather than torturing my tastebuds with alien concepts.

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I had a good friend who worked here. It’s not my cup of tea, but the food tasted great and was certainly more than “a life of salad.” It was totally bizarre being in a kitchen that had absolutely no ovens or stoves, just lots of marble counter tops.

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My ex was 100% raw, and I learned to really appreciate the lifestyle. There’s a lot of damn good raw food.

Takes a lot of time to prepare, though, if you are doing it full out. I’d recommend pursuing your curiosity and trying it out a bit.

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sounds like another gimmick diet. People most likely benefit from eating sensibly but not restrictively. People cook food for a reason. Many. If you went on a raw food diet you would probably just spend more money trying to get the same nutrient with a greater risk if gastrointestinal disorders and less culinary pleasure.

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There are some restaurants in San Francisco where you can get some pretty tasty raw food—Juicey Lucy’s and Cafe Gratitude. That said, I think you reap most of the benefits if you attempt a mostly-raw diet but don’t necessarily have to approach it as a purist. For example, try to incorporate lots more raw salads, veggies, fruits and make that the staple of your diet, but if you want to include some cooked rice or pasta or tofu to make your life easier once in a while, go for it…that won’t really reduce the benefits of all the healthy raw stuff you’re eating, IMO.

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pro: good for you in some ways
con: hunger

i’ve been to cafe gratitude and while some of the food is really good (coconut shake anyone?) i often leave feeling starving. i hate that.

also it depends on your body. my acupuncturist told me i need to eat all cooked foods. she didnt even think i should be eating salad….so perhaps consult a nutritionist or alternative medicine practitioner.

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emilyrose- i think your acupuncturist giving you nutrition advice is like your priest giving you medical advice.

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hehe alternative medicine… .

well, i suppose i just want some decent recipes to start that aren’t amazingly obvious. I’m off to research, thanks guys!

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I like the “Raw Food, Real World” cookbook. Some wonderful non-obvious recipes, plus beautiful photos. (I’d love to do more raw, but I’m so darn omnivorous.)

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shes also a trained nutritionist in both eastern and western medicine. most acupuncturists have many specialties, including most are herbalists. i feel much better when i follow her advice, lets put it that way.

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