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Does hemp oil, or marijuanna cure cancer, and does a high cbd to thc ratio make a big difference?

Asked by Bretbocook (105points) September 27th, 2011

I was diagnosed with a stage 3 anaplastic astro cytoma brain tumor 2 years ago, and had surgery/ radiation and chemo….nothing has grown back, but I am loathe to just wait and hope…have watched “run from the cure” on u-tube and it goes into this subject as hemp oil as a cure for cancer. I have read studies that talk about a high cbd to thc ratio as important to fight brain tumors as well…

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I don’t see why it would. Granted, I’m no great shakes of a biochemist.
This still looks incredible, and it’s old news.

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If it was that simple, then it would be used everywhere. It’s not used everywhere, ergo it probably doesn’t work.

Marijuana can be helpful for some cancer patients because it stimulates the appetite and causes euphoria which can help mitigate the horrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to kill cancer cells. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but happy to hear that conventional treatment has been effective thus far. I sympathize with your fears of the cancer returning, but I would caution against treatments that sound too-good-to-be-true.

My girlfriend’s father has been battling cancer of the tongue, and has been sucked into all kinds of quackery that sometimes directly conflicts with the advice of his doctors. It’s scary, but there is a reason why treatments have to prove they are safe and effective before they can be marketed to the public and used by physicians. My heart goes out to you, and wish you the best of luck and continued good health.

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I use hemp oil in cooking. It has some health benefits so could be a useful addition to a healthy diet. Exercise has also been shown to have one of the biggest effects on staying healthy. The things that help us stay healthy are the messages that health professionals have been promoting for years. Regular exercise, normal weight, healthy diet. Everything else is peripheral and probably useless if you haven’t got these three sorted. They are hard though – I’m fat, eat rubbish and do little exercise:-(

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I can’t speak on the use of hemp, but I would assume (like marijuana) it has no properties that can actually “heal” cancer.

Marijuana is often prescribed to cancer patients because of it’s “pain-killing”, euphoric effects. Not for the belief that it can cure cancer.

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The best answer I have is that yes, it can cure cancer… but so can garlic.

There are studies that have shown certain measurable positive effects on certain kinds of cancer, but that’s a long way from using the blanket word of “cure.” In fact, MANY, foods have proven “cancer-fighting” abilities, but since weed is illegal, it’s a lot easier to make up some bullshit about a massive conspiracy about it being held back by big pharma. Weed is available almost everywhere in the world: some conspiracy!

The truth is that cancer is the big one: the most nuanced, adaptive, and deadly disease out there. It comes in many different forms and acts differently in each situation. While some foods have a proven positive effect on cancer treatment, none of them can be called anything but “supplemental care” and nothing has a 100% effectiveness rate.

By all means, pursue your cure and your health in whatever way seems best to you, but if you are unsure about something, ask a trained physician. They won’t tell you that you should take hemp oil, but they will most likely encourage you to try new things if they make you feel better. A physician should also be able to warn you about possible side effects and drug interactions that you might not be aware of.

I’m not going to say that hemp oil is useless, but anyone who talks in absolutes, like Rick Simpson, is an absolute fraud. People with cancer, or with loved one who have it, or plain old stoners, all tend to lack a sense of control over the world around them. This makes them prime candidates for superstition and believe in conspiracy. Michael Shermer has some interesting things to say on people’s tendencies towards patternicity. Rick Simpson, though perhaps honest as far as he knows, is wrong. He undermines the marijuana legalization movement, and discounts the amazing work done in cancer research. He plays on people’s fears and sows mistrust where it is not justified.

Think, but think for yourself.

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Well, since we’re thinking for ourselves; consider this:

Cannabis Cures Cancer

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@rOs – Perhaps this is evidence: but it is anecdotal. Cannabis is everyone’s favorite to cite, but similar anecdotal results have been produced with people using garlic oil treatment. Supplement your treatment, but don’t count on it to cure your cancer. Modern treatments may have more potential side effects, but they are much more effective at predictably treating cancer.

Maybe one day, human physiology will be so well understood that a person can have a perfect diet formulated for them that will take their unique ailments, genetics and habits into account, and will cure cancer easily and without significant side effect, but we are nowhere near a true understanding currently. We know some things found in our environment can have a positive effect, but there is simply not enough study and understanding to create a proper model yet.

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@Smashley GA. Hopefully we will give due consideration to all possible solutions.

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