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How to pass hair test?

Asked by dhandalton (1points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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What is a hair test?

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I dunno. Try not doing drugs?

Bite the bullet.

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Hair test? as in the allergy test before you dye your hair? I think you pass by not breaking out in a rash….

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Wear a wig?

Seriously though, there isn’t a way I know of to magically appear clean. I do believe that an employer can only go back six months on a drug test. I’m not sure about that though. Its just something I’ve heard. It may vary from state to state as well. Good luck if your taking one.

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I’d say a wig is your best bet, bro…guilty is as guilty does. Find a kick-ass make up artist and a wig made from similar race/age/height/eye color etc. The worst that can happen is they won’t hire you, right?

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Look for a different job. A hair test is really hardcore. You are probably screwed. I doubt you can avoid them finding out.

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You don’t. Hair tests can detect stuff up to 3 years ago. But unless this is some huge job i dont see why you don’t just go elsewhere for employment. Good luck if you do end up trying, like nocountry said all that can possibly happen is you wont get hired.

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You walk in there with a rug on your head you might as well have told them you’re hot. They probably ask about wigs. I’m not sure though.

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Just a thought… about a haircut? or even shave it off?

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There’s this really great product that guarantees you will pass every time. It’s called Nair.

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If you shave or nair it off, they can still get to the root to test. Also it can
be taken from any body hair.

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yea go ahead and do that nair all the hair off your body and then simply tell them oh well guess i cant take the drug test now. NOooooooo that wont look the least bit suspicious lol.

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Just tell them you are hairless because you are on a swim team!

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….. eyebrows too

Hell go for the sympathy card before that and say your on chemotherapy :P

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Hahahaha… Good thinking guys… Man, I’m sorry to laugh but your screwed. For real look for another job.

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I agree with Randy. If you know you’ll fail a drug test (and I won’t go any further in to that), is a company that issues drug-tests really a place you want to be working? It’s clearly not a ‘cultural fit’....

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If its for smoking something illegal, can’t you say your a victim of passive smoking?

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It would help if you told us a little more.

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