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Do you ever bore yourself?

Asked by syz (35505points) September 28th, 2011

I find myself restless, bored with myself and my life. I want excitement. I want to be exciting, interesting, stimulating. I feel an urge to be erratic, to do something unexpected.

What’s up with me? Why do I feel this way? Is it the fall weather? A mid-life crisis? Something else?

Does everyone get this feeling? Is it “normal”? Does it go away? How do you deal with it?

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I always find something to do. Even though right now, I’m lacking funds, I find something to do that I enjoy.

“Life is full of choices, if you have the guts to go for it.
That’s why I get immediately bored with anyone’s complaining about how
boring their life is, or how bad their town is. Fucking leave and go
somewhere else. Or don’t.” – Henry Rollins

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I feel that way a lot. Life is actually boring itself, and we just fill it up with things like sports and clubs. I personally don’t think being born to work, watch tv, and die is a good life, but we don’t have many other choices.

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@Jude But it’s not that I’m bored, exactly, it’s that I find myself lacking. Like I should be more, do more.

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I am never bored. In fact, the concept of boredom is just puzzling to me.

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@syz I know what you mean. I find some people can find ways to entertain themselves and it’s just part of their personality. Me on the other hand, the most I can think of is sitting on my laptop on fluther or youtube. I think I am also a boring person to hang around with, Not spontaneous or wild.

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I feel that way as well. Although I am young I feel as if I should be enjoying life more. Other then staying home most of the time. But what you feel I’m sure is normal. How I deal with it? I honestly don’t know. I guess I just try my hardest not to think about it. But I do now know how hard that is. I’m sorry you feel like this though, it is not a fun feeling. :/

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Yes @syz I get what you mean. I look for challenges or create challenges when I get that “restless” feeling.
Maybe it’s time to fight for a cause, train for a marathon, take an art class-etc…sometimes I just head out to the bookstore and buy a stack of books on a subject I’ve always been interested in but haven’t done any in depth reading/studying on.

BTW- IMO, this is the true sign of an intellectual thinker. Your brain needs a challenge or a break from routine.

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Oh dear me, yes. I need excitement, and there are times when I don’t care if it is good or bad. I know a number of people like this. Almost all of them are bipolar. I don’t know about the normal population, though. I kind of feel like they are less interested in such intense experiences on a regular basis. I hear them call it “drama” or “high maintenance” in disparaging tones a lot.

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You’re bored with your self-image, syz. I’d feel the same way if I took my self-image the least bit seriously. The answer is not, IMHO, to go rehabbing your self to be more exciting in your own estimation. Instead, try setting self-image aside, and work on finding yourself in the world at large. Get lost in that world. That self that’s intertwined with everything else is so much more interesting.

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@syz, may I say that to me you have a fascinating life already! Working with wildlife, great education, travel… are truly one of those people who needs inspiration and fulfillment in your life. You are a go getter and it won’t take you long to pinpoint what next level of interest you want to tap. Autumn can be such a restless season – we dislike letting go of the great weather months and there is a certain melancholia that almost fills the air. A wistfulness, I guess I would describe it as. Perhaps it is something in the way of relationship fulfillmentyou’re after? Do you have good kindred relationships on the go – we can always use friendship with those who propel us onwards!

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Yes – I have had a very restless “empty-nestish” feeling the last few years. More time on my hands than I know what to do with.

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For me there is always something to do and it does not always cost anything.
For me there is a balance.
I am always pushing myself to do something new and exciting and challenging.
Life is a journey and an adventure.
Pick something you have always wanted to do and set a goal to do it. If you cross paths with something that sparks an interest, run with it and see where it goes.
Go the a Book store or the library and browse there for hours and see what you can come up with if nothing comes to mind. That way, you get out, its free (ride your bike or walk there), you will be out and mingling.
Find a viable spark. One usually creates more….

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I’ve heard a number of older people say they spent the younger portion of their life rushing everything, but now they have too much free time. Interesting…..

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@Blackberry And both sets of my grandparents said exactly the opposite. I remember vividly conversations with them about how much time they’d “wasted” in their youth and in their aging years how they felt like they feel and see time moving so fast..

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Never, ever… I am alw…. zZzZzzZzZzzZZzZzzzz

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I am so sick that I am totally bored with it: coughing almost every breath until my chest hurts; having to sit up to sleep (because I cough too much laying down), and now I can’t hear out of my ears so ear infection.

If I had the energy, I would kill myself.

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@marinelife Try Mullein. It’s a tincture you get at the health food store. Or a pink salt ionization mist vaporizer *Same store.

I hope you feel better my dear… Please, don’t kill yourself seriously or hypothetically.

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@marinelife :( Rest and have a nice hot tea. I’ll deliver a bowl of chicken noodle soup if you like

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@SpatzieLover I’ve heard that as well, where do you think the difference lies?

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@Blackberry ;) perspective, of course.

Time is moving quickest for the motivated people wanting the most out of life. The other has “time on their hands” and most likely instead of finding something productive to do with it, broods.

My grandparents would call them the old people…They’d say, “We went grocery shopping today. Oh my, all of the old people were out…complaining about their aches and pains….prices. Sad things, really. Imagine that the only time they get out is to do shopping.”

I miss those conversations. If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent alive…give ‘em a call and shoot the breeze. I learned more from my grandparents than any school or book ever could teach

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I find it so hard to ever think I would be bored with myself or life. There are too many things I need to do, want to do, and can do.
@syz you know within yourself you are exciting, interesting and stimulating. If you feel the urge to be erratic, then go for it. You’re not in a mid-life crisis, you’re in a mid-life awakening. Wake up and go for the gusto. And yes, the change of season can bring about feelings of gloom. Like with Fall/Autumn were preparing for everything to die (or a better word would be to hibernate), and our spirits will do the same if we let them.

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I’m not so much bored with myself as I am disappointed that I don’t have more energy to go do something. I’m more likely to read a book if I’m bored, than get up and go.

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I have begun to bore myself. My energy level has been quite low this past year (likely depression), and I can fake the appropriate amount of energy for my professional life, but I’ve got no spark in me right now. Hoping this will change soon.

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@GabrielsLamb Thanks for the tips.

@SpatzieLover That’s what I had for lunch the last three days. Comforting, but not helping.

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@marinelife I thought you’d been awfully quiet. I’m home with a sinus infection; too bad we couldn’t visit. :-P

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Yes, when I’m being a moany old bat I grow tired of myself quickly. It’s good – I’d be worried if I didn’t find that boring.

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No, I find that life is full of interest. I try to plan ahead to make sure I have things to do to keep me occupied but I can be satisfied with little.

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Yes, I do get bored of the superficial, happy, jerk mask I wear around others almost constantly. But only for a moment, then I just do.

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@janbb We would lose each other across the pile of tissues.

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Yep. I tell my therapist that I am completely bored by myself and am tired of hearing myself talk. That’s when we know it’s break time for me.

Do something completely new to you. Last time I felt like that I started gardening. I love it and that blah feeling is gone.

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I have a few hobbies that have been languishing because I am so busy. I miss being bored.

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Oh, dear me, yes. Yes <yawn>, yes. Right now, no, but sometimes? Defintely.

[I’m answering this question, as asked: Do you ever bore yourself? I don’t think it’s the same as asking “Do you ever get bored?” and I wouldn’t give the same answer.]

Unfortunately I find that it’s a vicious cycle: doing something makes me feel like doing something, and not doing anything makes me feel like not doing anything.

Breaking out of the inertia can be hard. For me it usually takes some kind of explosion. I say: know what dynamite consists of in your life, and use an appropriate amount judiciously.

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All the time. And not just because I’m unemployed right now. Everything feels so routine and normal. Even straying from routine feels boring because it feels staged. Like I’m laughing and have a great night out with friends because that is what I am supposed to be doing.

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