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How do you search for books on the new Kindle?

Asked by Paul (2714points) September 28th, 2011

I am thinking of purchasing the new Kindle announced today and I was wondering how you would search for books etc. without the keyboard. Does anyone know how?

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You use the “Virtual, on-screen keyboard” you can see in the third photo down on the right hand-side (in the Deatailed Features Section).

I can tell you I have one model behind this one & rarely use my keyboard. It’s a waste of a feature for me.

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Ah, thanks, I did not spot that. So would you recommend I get this cheaper and smaller model without the keyboard @SpatzieLover?

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YES! Seriously @Paul I’d love all that extra screen space. My Kindle is one of my fav things ever!!!

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Like @SpatzieLover, I rarely use the keyboard on mine. I find it much easier to do my searches on my Mac and have my selections downloaded to the kindle rather than doing it directly on the kindle itself.

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I have a Nook (no, I’m not turning this into a battle, I think they are equally good products) and have always had a touchscreen keyboard. It’s easy to navigate, you’ll like it. Enjoy your new ereader!

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Love my iPad and use the Kindle app.

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