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How can I dress better?

Asked by Eggie (5867points) September 28th, 2011

I am going to college university. In there we wear casual clothes and I only have basically one type of shoes that I wear, which is a black suede clarks….can someone give me some good ideas on how to dress good with casual clothing so that I could look more attractive to girls?

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If you have the money, just go to American Eagle, Aeropostale, etc. stores at your local mall. It also depends on what kind of style you like.

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*Not beng rude at all… But that is exactly why they have those headless fashionable mannequins set up in popular clothing stores.

You’re supposed to put your own head on the mannequins body and go…

“Hmmm, yeah, American Eagle is FOR ME!

And then buy the stuff it’s wearing.

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@Eggie I find the best way for men to make their wardrobe work best especially if they feel uncomfortable in the fashion arena is to keep their wardrobe color coordinated.

Maybe you like navy & deep green best: Try to stick to those colors as you pick out Tshirts, polos, sweaters, hoodies. That way you can mix and match easily without feeling like you might have made a “wrong” choice.

It is best if you choose a store or stores as @erichw1504 pointed out, that you feel most portrays how you like to look/feel in your clothes. Besides looking in the stores, go on their sites. Most have good suggestions about what else “goes” with the items you like.

Further, to “dress-up” your college look to a night or date look, get one or two nice belts.

A layered look with plaid shirts over your polo/tees is a nice way to dress up your casual daytime look before heading out for a simple date or to hang out with friends.

Girls do notice when you take care of yourself. A fresh hair cut, the fresh scent of a shower, etc goes a long way…besides a great attitude, of course.

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With whatever you choose to wear you have to be comfortable. If you are self concious about something even if it’s expensive and looks good you won’t look good.

Don’t be afraid to spend money on shoes. An expensive, well made pair of mens shoes will last for years and as long as you choose sensibly will probably never go out of fashion or even date. They also tend to be a damn sight more comftable than cheaper shoes and looking after your feet is important.

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Take a day and go to a couple of stores. Ask a floor sales person to pick a few outfits for you to try on. Talk them as comfortably as you can so they can get a feel for your personality. Tell them you want an outfit for a date and one for a casual meet up/casual date. Try everything on, don’t just look at the pieces laid out together. You’ll get a feel for what you want to go with and you’ll also see the reactions of people’s faces as you come out of the dressing room.

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What do you wear now? Clothing isn’t really the feature that attracts girls… its the attitude especially in college, gotta get your swag on :)

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How about these? link


Simplicity, clean lines, tapered looks = elegance and sexiness.

I like the tapered “form-fitting” Italian look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe. Just stick with clothes that make you look slick and streamlined. No oversized clothing. No extra material.

Stick with traditional masculine and neutral colors, like navy, black, forest green, and grey. You can add a dash of bright color for contrast, but keep it to a minimum.

Keep yourself well-groomed——hair, nails, face, etc., to match the nice simple yet slick clothes.

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Check out magazines and catalogues, and pick out men who project the kind of image you want to project. Examine the colours, the textures and the cuts of clothing that they wear.

Figuring out what you like and how to coordinate it is a little bit of a process, but if you want to get the girls and keep the girls, you’ll have to show them that the look they’re attracted to is your own.

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Just don’t do this.


@erichw1504 Omg, too funny. Just like wearing crocs. Or sneakers with a suit. Yeech.

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A pair of converse and t shirt with a suit is fine. I do it all the time. My personal favourite combo is a bespoke Paul Smith suit with a ripped rolling stones forty licks t shirt.

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A few pairs of Dockers khakis will be good, but opt for the flat panel fronted pants instead of the pleated front style. The pleated style tends to make you look older and kind of out of fashion, and the pleats have the tendency to form a “pup tent” when you sit down, not a look that you probably want. You can read more about the differences between flat panel fronts and pleated front pants here Here are some khakis in the traditional color and here are som grey-green khakis

Of course a nice fitting (not to tight, not too loose, not to long) pair of 501 jeans that has already been faded (the brand new ones look too stiff) with a pair of neutral colored low top Converse sneakers (gray, black, olive, maroon, white, but none of those crazy neon colors) with a loose fitting T-shirt in a solid color (try to avoid graphics) or an untucked polo shirt in a nuetral color are a fairly classic “college guy” look. You can see that here You could wear this outfit on a very casual date, but do not wear this outfit if you are going out to dinner, or to a play or to your date’s parent’s home (unless it’s a barbecue).

You can also wear a nice vintage or new (understated, not loud) Hawaiian shirt for a lot of functions. Yes and No (unless you’re going to a luau).

There’s quite a few different kinds of cotton shirts that can be worn with jeans (the faded 501’s or slightly dressier ones like these relaxed fit boot cut jeans) like this long sleeved shirt or this short sleeved shirt or a Ralph Lauren-style polo shirt in either a neutral stripe or a neutral solid. Or even a shirt in a Rayon/Polyester blend in a nuetral solid color (like burnt orange, chocolate brown, navy, or putty)

Good luck and have fun : )

And like some of the others have said, get yourself a nice looking, reasonably priced, comfortable pair of dress shoes that can be worn with a suit or dress pants or even a nicer pair of jeans. Here’s an example Try to avoid shoes that are too trendy looking, such as some of these shoes that have a super long pointy toe or a giant boxy front (which tends to make your feet look way bigger than they are). Avoid this and these

And for other casual and/or athletic shoes, try to avoid anything _flashy. That means color-wise, decoration-wise or size-wise (no giant shoes that make your feet look like a size 13, unless you actually are a size 13). Yes, Yes and Yes and Yes and Yes and No and No and No and No (unless you are in your 50’s) and No (unless you’re in your 70’s)

In some areas of the country (find out if yours is one of them) it’s perfectly OK to wear a nice pair of leather flip flops (with no socks) with jeans, but make sure that your feet are impeccably groomed. Cut your toenails, file your toenails, clean the dirt out of your nails, and exfoliate your foot skin, wait until your blisters, flea bites or warts, have heeled etc. Disgusting looking feet is one of the #1 turnoffs for women. Keep your feet clean and your socks clean and your shoes clean!!! Yes and No Even if your feet are lovely, do not ever wear Tuva Sandals or Crocs or Birkenstocks

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Also just make sure that you are not trying to follow some trendy style such as Emo or Gangsta. Stick with classic, nuetral looking, layered outfits that fit well (meaning: not too tight, and not too baggy, and make sure the rear of your pants fits on your rear and doesn’t hang down to your knees). And get yourself a couple of pairs of black dress pants ($75 or under, and ask the person at the store to help you) and either a matching or complementary colored sport coat or get a nice suit (which can also be had for less than $100 if you get one on sale at one of the major dept. stores.) and a few long sleeved dress shirts. Ask the sales clerk to help you, and tell them your budget before they start showing you!!!

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I had to leave yesterday before I got to jackets. Again, I can’t emphasize enough, the idea of dressing in classic, nuetral, layered, non-flashy clothing.

Here are some good looking classic jacket styles. Fall Weather and this whole outfit is a perfect example of what I’m talking about Fall Layered Outfit and another Fall Jacket and Another Good Fall Look and you can never go wrong with a Plaid Pendelton Wool Jacket and you can almost always find vintage Pendelton’s for cheap at thrift stores and they come in all sorts of great colors!

For something a little more dressy, but still casual, get a good classic Pea Coat in black or charcoal. It will go with everything from khakis, to jeans to dress pants.

For colder weather something like this fake fur lined Parka would look great. Or one of these classic Courderoy Jackets with a wool collar. Or one of these Snow Jackets

And for some suits These 2 are nice classic nuetral looking suits that will still be stylish years down the road. (Note: if you are on the shorter side, it’s better to choose a pant style for your suit without cuffs). Try to avoid Pinstripe Suits (unless you want to look like a mobster or a politician, and because the width and contrast of the pinstripes changes drastically from year to year) and unless you are a supermodel dude, avoid the Double Breasted Suit Jacket or anything with a weird print or big buttons, or anything that is tailored too narrow in the waist (which will give you the appearance of a girlish figure) This Jacket is a much more classic style and is much more flattering to most shapes and sizes.

And this is what a decent pair of Dress Pants looks like. Make sure they are slim-ish, but not so skinny that you look like an 80’s rock band dude, and not so wide that they flap around when you walk or make you look like a throwback from the late 70’s. Flat panel fronts are best, to avoid the “pup tent” when you sit down. And make sure that the length is correct so that the hem of your pants doesn’t bunch up onto your shoe. And get a fabric that won’t wrinkle if you wear them all day long or have to sit down a lot. Rumpled dress pants and/or suits will make you look tacky and un-kempt.

And again, I cannot overemphasize to you NOT go go trendy or flashy. Here are a couple of looks to avoid. Gangsta Boy and 70’s era leather jacket or Punk Rock Jacket or an 80’s era Members Only Jacket or the Puffy Vest and try to avoid anything Shiny

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