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Any four word quotes/sayings on love, peace, life etc?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) September 28th, 2011

I want to write a four word quote on the bottom of my shoes (2 words on each). This is what it looks like if you cannot picture it. I think it is cute, and I like how it won’t show unless I put my feet up.

I was thinking something like “Give peace a chance” or “make love not war”, but I also like ones about love and life. Any ideas?

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Love For
Is Ever

That’s cute!

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Live and
Let Live

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Dust in the wind.
Get back to the garden.
Make love, not war.

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@chyna THem must be some BIG feets? Yao couldn’t fit that on his court shoes…

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@GabrielsLamb I know, I’m a child of the 60’s. Was just going through songs in my head.

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I Have
A Dream

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@Bellatrix I really like that one, live and let live..hmmm. I think I have a dream is really cute too.

@GabrielsLamb I would totally love that one if I was in some sort of committed relationship, but it does not really apply to me atm.

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@desiree333 Live and Let Live is a mantra I try to live by but I Have A Dream says so much more than those four little words.

Hope you find something that suits you perfectly.

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Give peace a chance

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Life’s better With love

Live in The moment

Life is A Choice

No Feeling Is Final

What’s done is done

@desiree333 what a charming idea.

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It’s only two words but “Be yourself” might work if one of your feet is significantly wider than the other. :-)

If not, maybe:

LIve Love Laugh Learn.

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I like Peace and Quiet but it is only three words. :(

@lillycoyote I definitely like the second one, kind of sums everything up in one quote.

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This too,
shall pass

Nothing is
For Certain

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if youre not set on 4 words and would do 2:

Be true

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Nothing’s ever
promised tomorrow

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@boxer3 I wasn’t originally going to do two words, but I really like be true!

I also like What Is
Stopping You

but it won’t be even, and might look off balance.

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:] Let us know what you decide .
I’ll try and think up one that says that message in a more balanced format. hrm
you’ve got lots of neat ideas on here.

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Don’t Trust Online Advice.

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Life’s short.
No regrets.

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You Can’t Live Forever.

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@boxer3 For sure, I’ll let everyone know on here what I decide. I’m excited to pick one!

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You Only
Live Once

Live Before
You Die

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People are
Just People

ok. I think I need to stop now.
haha. this thread is starting to be 75% me.

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Be true to yourself

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Live long and prosper.

If you go for two words: Shalom L’chaim

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Live Honestly
Love Fearlessly

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It’s the unofficial motto of ravers, but more the purist, original intent of the rave scene…you can wiki it for more info.

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I’m a…..............sole man!
Rewarding feats…...............heals souls.

Both of these answers were brought to you by “”

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And there’s always Dance Dance Dance Dance. I just made that one up. :-)

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Seek Justice
Love Mercy

Fight Wars
For Peace

Left Foot
Right Foot
These would, of course be printed on the wrong shoe

Han Shot
Greedo First



Important Years Written In Roman Numerals

There’s Cheese
For Everything


Will you actually be wearing these shoes? I don’t expect that your lettering will last more than about a week unless you enshrine them.

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Eat Cake
And Smile

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@Nullo Left Foot Right Foot is so cute! And yes, I do plan on wearing them. I’m going to do it on these one pair off shoes I always wear that have stayed really clean despite being warn so much. I am going to do it in permanent marker then go over it to make it fresh every week.

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Know you
Love me

My shoes’
Life stinks

Me, myself
And I

Whats the
Weather like?

Love me
Hate me

Not very good but.. Whatevs lol :D

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My own:

“Passion, expression, precision, perfection.”

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It’s not three words but.

“Clutch” and “Throttle Brake” is very appropriate.

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Life’s a bitch and then you die. No, that’s seven.

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Don’t eat yellow snow

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