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Does anyone else have a problem watching the Fonz as a despicable character in his later years as an actor?

Asked by zensky (13418points) September 29th, 2011

Or Kirk?

Or other TV/Movie icons of our youth?

Or do you not mind – and simply see them as actors in roles.

Do you have any other examples of this?

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I was visibly shaken, well, slightly moved when he was stabbed to death in Scream!!
Not cool, not cool at all :¬(

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I found William Shatner as Denny Crane in Boston Legal very believable. I love that programme. Perhaps that worked because it was a long time after Star Trek though.

Can’t remember seeing the Fonz in anything.

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I agree with @Bellatrix that Kirk as Denny Crane, LOL was very believable, but I do admit that whenever I see william Shatner I first think Star Trek.

The Fonz, well recently I have been able to let go of Winkler’s persona as the Fonz, maybe because he is much older. But, previously it was very wierd to see him as anyone but the Fonz.

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I actually kind of love seeing formerly beloved character actors break out in a new direction. Provided the acting is good, of course. It makes them so much more interesting to me.

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Kirk’s head looks like the tip of an engorged sausage covered with a toupee.

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Henry Winkler is now lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn in my book! And William Shatner is a bloated, slightly creepy interviewer.

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Henry Winkler has proven to be a pretty good bad guy actor. I fear he is in danger of being typecast. It would be interesting to see him to a comedy again to see if he still has the timing he brought to ‘Happy Days’ as the Fonz.

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Seeing Henry Winkler play a bad guy on Numb3rs was slightly disorienting, but in the end his performance won me over. It’s nice to see him branching out in a different direction.

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What, you don’t like Barry?
Also, he’s great on King of the Hill playing himself, as a bad guy. I think Winkler has had a really interesting and varied career, and it probably speaks to his skill as an actor that his taking up such different roles is so affective.

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He does play a pretty good ‘bad guy’

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Gotta admit, I’ve never really liked him as an actor in anything he’s done after Happy Days. Harsh, I know, but there are just some actors whom I don’t enjoy watching.

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Sorry folks, but I’m with Pachy here.

I have enough trouble just getting past that haircut…

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As an actor ages, it’s impossible for he or she to remain the young actor we remember or to play the same roles as in the past. To stay relevant, they need to take different kinds of roles and stretch their craft. Redford is a good example of one who has done that and succeeded, while Winkler and Shatner, in my opinion, have both just gotten hammier as they’ve gotten older.

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I often have a laugh when I see Henry Winkler selling reverse mortgages.

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Actors play different characters. They would get boring after a while if they always played the same character.

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