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Mac mini won't read data cd anymore?

Asked by bomi (55points) September 29th, 2011

My mac mini (2008 I believe, running on snow leopard?, v 10.7.1) won’t recognize a data cd that it read just fine a couple of weeks ago. When I put it in, it spins for a few seconds, then spits it back out.
I actually had that cd in there for a few days, when a couple of days ago, the mini decided to spit it out on it’s own.
I tried restarting, looked at the cd/dvd preferences, but nothing.
Sorry if I got any technical wording wrong. I’m not a computer kind of girl. =P
Thanks in advance!

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What happens if you put in a different CD/DVD?

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I tried another data cd, but it won’t recognize that either. I’ve had problems running certain other dvd/cds before, but not all. I actually only have those 2 discs to try right now. i just moved into a tiny room, so all my stuff is in storage.

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I hate to say it but the drive probably died. Same thing happened to my iMac. Luckily external USB drives are cheap.

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Those “slot” drives are way less sturdy than the kind with a little drawer, but they seem to be the stylish way to go for Apple, and in any case where the drawer would be too big or mess with the aesthetics. We’ve had three replaced in older titanium and powerbook laptops.
The newer ones seem to be more reliable, we use the one on the mac mini (2010) that’s hooked up to the TV all the time for DVDs.

External USB drive per @johnpowell is the way to go if you have the desktop space.

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