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How do I turn off Yahoo chat so it does not turn back on when I check mail?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34871points) September 29th, 2011

I liked the old Yahoo so much better. I simply set my status to offline and that was that. Now Yahoo Messenger seems to keep turning back on when I check mail with the new Yahoo. I do not like to be disturbed. Ever. I already have enough distractions and don’t need a “friend” saying “Sup” or “hot chick” telling me her pix are at xxx. porn .com
I want to kill the thing. I have already spent 10 minutes looking at Yahoo’s FAQs and don’t see anything. Where is the info hidden? How do I turn it off?

Where the heck is the “Yahoo Mail Chat Status window” ?

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I’m not experiencing this behavior. My chat settings persist from one logon to the next… even after clearing cookies from my browser’s cache (since it’s a user profile setting anyway).

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Where is it hidden in my profile? I have been looking.

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I don’t mean that it’s a checkbox kind-of-thing… simply that when I return to Yahoo! Mail, the chat re-engages at the last setting I left it in.

I’ve successfully confirmed this with being Available, Invisible, as well as Signed Out.

Not saying you’re not having the problem you describe. Just that if others cannot reproduce your problem, it might be tough to get it fixed. And as I’m sure you know, getting customer support on a “free” product is also unlikely.

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Oh man! I wasted a full hour on this junk but think I have it figured out.
I still use the old Yahoo mail and have a Firefox bookmark tab that takes me there with one click. That works fine. Chat is disabled. But, if I click Mail while in My Yahoo it takes me to the new Yahoo mail where, way down on the left hand side, below my folders there is a place where I can sign out of messenger. (It was turned on.) Done.

Why don’t they have a FAQ for that? Am I really the first person on the planet with that issue?
In case anyone from Yahoo is looking here’s the Free question for you?
“How do I turn off Chat?”

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I have the same problem, including a new “hot chick” everytime I pull up chat. I solved it by setting up a Gmail account, which took care of all the transfers and chat turns off easily.

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The other thing that I do with Yahoo Instant Messenger (when I use it – rarely) is that I sign in hidden from all contacts. That way I only send messages to whom I want, when I want, with the annoyance of constant interruption and unwanted chat.

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