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Spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast. Odd, you say? Name an odd meal that you've had for breakfast?

Asked by Jude (32134points) September 29th, 2011

I’m running out of questions. I just want to get to 30K, dammit. ;)

I’m heating up some spaghetti and meatballs, right now. Hope that my tummy can handle it, and that I don’t have (exaggerated finger quotes) issues (exaggerated fingers quotes).

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left over pizza. pretty good stuff.

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TMI, bro.
I really do not like eating non-breakfast food in the morning. If I don’t have breakfast food, I go get some. I’ve only eaten leftover pizza in the morning.

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Cold pizza.

That’s three now. Who else has done the leftover or cold pizza for breakfast, hmm?

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I had an orange popsicle one morning, around 7 am.

The doughnut shop was closed.

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Why are you leaving after 30 K on Fluther?

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BBQ Duck and Fried Rice

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Doesn’t everyone eat leftover pizza for breakfast? It’s practically a breakfast food in its own right.

I had a salad with tuna, black olives, and feta this morning. lol. I’m dead serious. It sounded so good.

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As I Fluther, I’m eating a leftover micro-waved baked potato from yesterday.
Leftover pizza is a great morning meal. IMHO:)

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cold pizza, ice cream, and beer. I don’t reccommend the last one.

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@Adirondackwannabe What about whiskey? Is that better than beer?

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Am I weird? I don’t get why people have to eat special breakfast food. Or only eat it at breakfast. When I had gestational diabetes, just about everything I liked that was deemed appropriate breakfast food was deemed bad for my blood sugar.

I’ll have a bowl of soup or stew, a lunchmeat sandwich, a salad—whatever is in the fridge for breakfast. And then I may go out and eat “breakfast food” for lunch or dinner.

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@keobooks It is most likely due to our routine and conditioning, or maybe it is the blandness of breakfast food. I can eat breakfast food anytime, but I can’t eat dinner and lunch food anytime.

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@WillWorkForChocolate It might warm up the belly for the ice cream. (As everyone’s liver shudders)

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having a dish of “Sushi” or “fish and ships”

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Having some fluther lurves in the morning sound good too :P

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Snowed in with a close friend I got up early and made venison and guinness casserole complete with black bread, butter noodles, and bushmills 16 because she was jealous that she didn’t get any the last time I made it – it made for a very filling breakfast.

A couple weeks ago I made horseradish-whipped eggs with spiced beef (granted that is sort of cheating as I had to start the beef several days in advance and finished it the day before) and homemade parker-house rolls served with 10yr merlot.

Overseas I’ve had dried squid and fish with cold dumplings, noodles, and warm sake; seaweed salad omelets; garlic-fried rice with fresh fish grilled in banana leaves – those also come to mind at the moment.

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Define odd first. I usually anything in my reach if I’m hungry in the morning.

@Jude we’ll remember to help you reach 30k faster ^^

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Left over chicken teriyaki, mandu (which you all probably know as potstickers), jajang myun, and albacore tuna sashimi.

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The only non-breakfast food I’ve eaten for breakfast was pizza…yum! Oh and a popsicle. Lol.

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Left over Chinese is good, no matter the type. Kung Pao prawns can really wake you up.

I work in San Francisco, we often have someone run over to El Faro for takeout for breakfast. I like a baby beef burrito with jalapenos, and a side of chips and salsa.

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I love leftover cold pizza for breakfast, it’s my favorite part of getting pizza in the first place.

I’m mostly a fan of breakfast for dinner than the other way around, though.

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Nachos come to mind. I don’t consider pizza weird at all – it’s pretty normal for me.

@Blackberry I have never understood why people think breakfast food is bland. I understand toast, oatmeal, cereal and things like that, but eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toast, fried potatoes (hash browns or country style)... all of that seems so rich to me. Love pancakes for dinner, btw.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but substitute the milk with Mountain Dew.

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I had stuffed mushrooms for breakfast yesterday. Mmm.

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Leftover Escargo and frog’s legs.

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Leftover fried clams….. or left over lobster or steamers…. all really pretty good in the morning

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I generally eat whatever was left over from the night before, perhaps cooked with an egg.

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Pizza, tacos, ice cream, leftovers from the previous night… As long as it’s something I like, I’ll pretty much eat anything for breakfast. Oddest beverage for breakfast: vodka. It wasn’t that the night before called for it, but I knew it was just going to be “one of those days” that morning when I got up.

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@erichw1504 Dude….gross. :P

@Supacase Maybe there is just more variations when it comes to dinner and lunch. We’ve all been eating pancakes and other breakfast food for quite a while. I’ve had many different versions of pancakes lol.

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Chili with a poached egg on the side. I put the egg in the chili. Delish.

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Not exactly odd, but leftover pizza has been kind to me a few times. I once had a small can of spicy tuna salad at work. It smelled up the whole cafeteria and everyone was like, dude, the fuck? But it sure worked for a nice filling breakfast. I gotta eat light in the morning, on those off chances that I even want to eat anything.

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Left over pizza is the breakfast of champions! I am shocked, shocked (!) that anyone would think that odd.
I am having a hard time thinking of anything I haven’t eaten for breakfast, at one point or another.
The oddest was probably Mud Pie. It’s kind of like a s’more, but its oreo on the bottom, ice cream in the middle, and a hershey bar on top (that is a gross simplification, but that will give you the idea of what it is).


A tin of sardines.

Chocolate cake.

Quail eggs.

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I had a Green River ice cream float, Froot Loops and a piece of my daughter’s birthday cake with blue icing on it for breakfast early this morning. OK NOT healthy by a long shot, but I am trying desperately to get rid of birthday party leftovers before they go bad. (The Froot Loops were for the cupcakes I ended up not making)

I just went to the bathroom and it was like an episode of the Smurfs that had gone very very wrong indeed. When breakfast turns stuff neon blue, there’s got to be some weird factor points in it right there.

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@Sunny2 In Isla Vista CA there was a hamburger stand that served breakfast burgers- fried egg, hamburger patty, scoop of chili, and cheese, lettuce, tomato. It was to die for. Cured whatever ailed you.

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Poppadoms and lime pickle. Actually I do this quite regularly, every time we’ve had an Indian takeaway. The poppadoms always get left.

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@zenvelo Sounds good to me. And here I thought I was so daring.

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I just made tuna salad for breakfast. I know it’s getting old, but I’m tickled to discover that the things I eat normally for breakfast are odd.

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I’m eating leftover Chinese food for breakfast right now. Mmmmmmm, Kung Pao Chicken for breakfast!!

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@WillWorkForChocolate You just went over the gross breakfast limiter. Man, that’s weird.

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@Adirondackwannabe Not at all, especially if he has cold fried rice or a leftover spring roll.

A Szechaun pepper is a great way to wake up in the morning.

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Probably fast food. That’s all I remember!

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I know a restaurant that serves fried rice for breakfast. It’s great! Bits of ham, bits of egg. Quite appropriate, I’d say. And then there’s congee, which is common breakfast in China. It’s kind of soupy rice gruel with with various bits and pieces added. I think that’s terrific too.

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coffee and twiglets!!

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I’ve never had an odd meal for breakfast as the first meal of the day, regardless of the hour, is breakfast.

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Cold pizza, warm beer.

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Fish and grits!! Specifically salmon. It’s a Southern thang, I guess!

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I used to go by the Hamburger Habit in Isla Vista CA and get a Breakfast Habit – double chili cheeseburger with a fried egg between the patties. mmmmmmm.

But it wasn’t odd at all. Not as odd as leftover sweet and sour pork cold out of the refrigerator.

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When I was in New Orleans, I often would have a dozen oysters on the half shell, washed sown with an ice-cold Dixie beer.

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Every once in a while, I have either cold macaroni & cheese or cold mashed potatoes for breakfast.

Once, close to 40 years ago, I made a peanut butter, liverworst & cheese sandwich. It turned out to be a flavor bust as all three flavors basically cancelled each other out. For the rest of the day, my gut was not happy.

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@sahID Oh god, you are a culinary masochist. Peanut butter, liverworst, and cheese? My stomach just turned.

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