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What do you buy for a baby girl on her first birthday?

Asked by JP (18points) May 9th, 2008 from iPhone

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Whatever you buy, she’s unlikely to appreciate it… aim at pleasing the mother.

Clothes (that are a little too big now) are good. So is a framed photo-collage with pics from the girls first year – perhaps even a small album with snaps from day 1–365.
Otherwise, go practical, ask the parents what would be useful (bibs, shoes, blankets, etc.)

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We found our friends were appreciative of a gift card to the store they shop at. It is difficult to judge now a days because people get so many cloths and toys from others sometimes the best gift is the ability to fill in the cracks.

Then you can get a little $5 thing for the girl. A tiny stuffed toy or hat or something.

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chastity belt :)

In all seriousness, a savings bond. Money for the college fund.

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Baby stuff that the mom and dad would want for their child.

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age appropriate – small wading pool and water toys, soft baby doll, puzzles with large wooden pieces, riding toys that are powered with their legs, musical toys.

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I am a mother of 2 daughters and have 3 grandaughters expert I’m not, but why not go to Toys r Us, it is her age group many learning things that fun, or go with the cute outfit and matching hair ribbons. Can’t go wrong! hope this helps :)

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One is pretty young. With all of the toxic toy scares out there I highly recommend getting something organic or natural. This is a link to a page with a bunch of options, but all of the links iwll also direct you to companies that have many other eco-friendly baby toys.

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Any of Sandra Boynton’s board books that are printed in the US. A few aren’t, so check the cover. All are fun for both the parents and the child. Some have CD’s of songs as well. It’s never too early to start reading to a child!

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There are lots of things a one year old would love. Hardcover books with lots of bright pictures are one. Lovely soft animals are another. Wooden blocks are also great for children. One year olds also enjoy toys where something fits inside something else. Check out the toy stores and look for things for one year olds.

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I made a point of mentioning Made in USA books due to the lead issue. I still have my son’s first Boynton book with his teeth marks in it. I had a friend ask for suggestions for exactly the age just a few months ago. I was at a loss with all of the recalls. I asked my son and he was the one who came up with the Boynton books. I first mentioned just board books to her and she went out to look and almost all were made overseas, mostly China. I then went out myself and checked the books and the only ones I could find were the Boynton ones, and I think I even saw one of those printed in China. I could be wrong. She makes fun books that can last the child all the way through to when they start reading by themselves. My son took “But Not the Hippopotamus to school to read to his class once he had mastered it. And yes, Andrew, they are available through Amazon!

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A balloon. Just tie it to a belt loop, and she’ll have a blast with it.

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Only if it is supervised closely and I wouldn’t suggest a latex one for a year old. They tend to put things in their mouths and if they have teeth enough to bite can pop it, swallow a piece a suffocate. The string can also be a hazzard at that age. Sorry to burst your balloon theory, but it has happened.

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Juicy Couture track suit

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Infant motrin

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