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Why do I keep seeing X:11 when I look at the clock?

Asked by XD (1519points) September 29th, 2011

Other than “you probably see all different times, but your brain makes a bigger deal out of the pattern” and “you probably are just spending more time looking at the clock, because you look at screens all day.” Other possibilities? This has been going on since July maybe.

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What do you mean by seeing X:11? Every time you look at the clock, the numbers always appear to read X:11 no matter what?

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Holy crap you’re right. I think because it’s on top and level, your mind picks that one out fastest. The others are tilted or upside down so you have to focus on them more. But that is strange.

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The brain is a curious thing. Sometimes it is just your brain making connections because we have evolved to seek patterns – and sometimes see them when they don’t exist.

It’s also possible, however, that you do look at clocks more often when it is x:11 than other numbers. Say you get up at a certain time, it takes you around the same amount of time do get ready every day, you look at the clock and it’s 7:11am. You may have a habit of looking at a clock periodically, and the desire to do so could be approx 1 hour (you desire to look at the clock when you have not looked at it for about one hour). Bingo, it happens to be 8:11am. Then you look at 9:09am, and 10:13am, and 11:11am. Wow, now your mind starts to see this as a pattern. Sure, this is an exaggerated example, but it is a possibility that there are patterns you are not conscious of.

I recently saw a pattern that I was unable to figure out, although now it’s obvious. Twice a day I put a mug of water in the microwave. I reach right in, holding the mug’s handle, and put it in. The mug’s handle is facing the front of the microwave. Then, I would set the timer. Invariably (100% of the time) the mug’s handle would be facing the back of the microwave when the timer was done, which was a real pain considering how hot the mug is. The thing that really got me was that I was using different times to heat the water, yet it was always facing the back. Then I had the “what are you stupid?” moment, when I realized that the times I was heating the water for were all steps of 5 seconds (2:40, 2:45, 2:55, 3:00). It was then obvious that my mysterious mug handle was just a symptom of the fact that it takes 10 seconds for the turntable to make a single cycle (5 seconds for my damn mug handle to be facing the back).

Anyway, probably just your mind seeing patterns where there are none. Or there could be a minor pattern that could be misinterpreted or exaggerated. Or I have no idea what I’m talking about because I haven’t slept and am running on caffeine.

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Oh, haha…..I was literally thinking you mean the letter X. You just mean you always see :11.

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@Blackberry Go stare at the face of a clock with roman numerals. It’s a wacked affect.

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I haven’t noticed it with a Roman face but for many years I have noticed that when I look at my watch it is very often ten minutes passed ten.

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When any event happens over and over again, it is merely a subconscious reflex. It is something that struck you or impressed a feeling or a emotion response (for whatever reason, there are many possibilities, none proven) happened once for whatever reason and it came to no rational conclusion. So your brain hinged onto, and it will continue to repeat the event until you make some sense of it…

That being said… Sense is at times an occurance that takes place by choice of conscience assignment. But that however sometimes makes it keep happening anyway. AKA: Serendipity and happenstance.

Which I personally enjoy!

It’s 11:11 Make a wish!

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Wow! You’re right. When I opened this page, I saw what it was talking about and looked at my clock. It was 8:11.

One time, it seemed like I would always look at the clock and it would read 10:10 AM.

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