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Cramps in the neck and tongue sometimes. What is this? How can I prevent it?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) September 29th, 2011

Since a year ago or so I started to have this occasional event of yawning (most often comes from that, but sometimes from putting my neck in a certain position) and I get cramps! It’s so annoying, and I have to struggle into positioning neck and tongue in a way that allows it to fade out without too much pain. What should I do to prevent this, and what is this anyway? Thanks

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To me this sounds like TMJ.

See the link for stretching you can do at home. You should let your physician know this is happening. There are treatments available.

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There are Dentists who specialize in treating TMJ and frequently use a custom made bite plate which is worn at night and positions the jaw properly while sleeping.

Something that simple has helped many people.

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In addition to the possibility of TMJ, you could also have a disc in your neck that is getting compressed when you move it in certain directions. The compression of the disc could be putting pressure on the nerve, and thus causing the pain in your tongue. I’ve been having a lot of problems with the left side of my neck lately and just started physical therapy for it. There are times when the pain in my neck radiates up into my ear, jaw, and even tongue and the doctor and therapist explained that the disc issue is what’s causing my radiating pain. Go get it checked out.

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Thanks everyone, excellent information.

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Could be TJM could be a lump, could be a dental issue, could be your thyroid, could be a pulled muscle or tendon, could be a goiter, could be the side effect of any medications you might be taking especially antipsychotics that cause TD. Best to just go to a doctor!!!

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You may have a TMJ issue, or something neurological with the cervical spine. It is possible to yawn without more than a slight space, and this may help to alleviate the cramp.

HOWEVER—this is peculiar. You probably should consider seeing a physician. Chances are something is going on in the musculoskeletal area. There are probably exercises and a muscle relaxer to prescribe for a brief period of time.

Alternatively, a chiropractor can be a wealth of knowledge without drugs, and may be able to help you heal much faster than an MD.

Whatever route you take, go see a professional and find some answers—I don’t think this is something to ignore.

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I forgot mumps.

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@GabrielsLamb: Unless there is fever abd symptoms mirriring mumps, it isnt likely, unless the person managed to miss a mumps vaccine.

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@DreamTrees Psssst… THe point is to list as many things as possible so that this person goes to the doctor!


*I really did know that. *Smiles

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@GabrielsLamb Ummm…no. In this case, the point is important, and is a medical condition; not a list of unlikely possibilities. I studied Dental Technology; now becoming state-certified in caregiving, with a background in journalism, as well as editing and writing.

The idea is to give the most accurate information in the least amount of space; hopefully, to motivate the quest to find out the source of the problem. A list of anything and everything must remain factual and on-target, according to the topic at hand, and doesn’t work well without more information. Knowledge in anatomy leads me to believe it is either dental or neurological in nature. The condition requires an evaluation, and perhaps X-rays.

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