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What are some things that are worth doing?

Asked by Ayesha (6186points) September 29th, 2011

As asked.
Share your thoughts on naming one or two things that you think are worth doing.

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Working on one’s self-awareness.

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Raising two awesome kids in an awesome way that’s just like totally awesome giggles ;¬}
Oh & sex! ;¬}

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Going for a hike, having kids, cooking a nice meal, learning to play an instrument, playing the instrument, learning, meditating, exercise, doing something nice for someone, doing nothing, drawing, painting, playing imaginative free-form games with kids,...

(wait, did you say “one or two”? crap. I am just getting started…)

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Saving someones life.

Helping a woman give childbirth.

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Volunteering. Donating blood. Treating a homeless person with dignity. Working on integrity in your life.

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…minimizing your possessions, re-evaluating your priorities, observing now, reaching out to friends and family you haven’t spoken to in years, forgiving someone, expressing your true feelings, getting a good night’s sleep, stop watching tv altogether, keeping a journal, ....

(i could go on all day…)

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What @ucme said, minus the giggles minus the word “awesome”.

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What @ucme said:
“Raising two awesome kids in an awesome way that’s just like totally awesome giggles ;¬}
Oh & sex! ;¬}”

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Hmmm, wha….are yo… tha…....oh forget it!!

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Even though you are exhausted and had a day directed by Satan himself… staying awake 5 more minutes and asking how their day was.

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Letting go of anger.

Letting people “in”.

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Point of order: Repetition of the word awesome MUST always be followed by incessant giggling.

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Yep, I’m with @SpatzieLover
Self awareness and growth work IS the most important work anyone can do!
Followed by having a stewardship mentality about our planet and always looking for opportunities to spread a little good will and good cheer.

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Learn how to be happy.

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Whatever it is that makes life seem a little less drawn out and boring to an individual…Whatever that may be to them.

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Taking time to smell the flowers.
Trying to make sure you don’t hurt others.

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These are fabulous answers, count me in!

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Taking time to thank the new jellies and welcoming them to fluther. I finally found someone who can give me some lurve. lol

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Joining Fluther.

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Looking under rocks.

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Finding love… I feel like a pansy for saying that, streaking, bungee jumping, blowing up something, just doing something wild and perhaps a tad wicked.

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Playing a sport or instrument in school.

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One should do some of the below things at least once in their life:
– sky jumping
– going to a mountain in the winter [with company and not difficult roads]
– try to see some free animals in the wild [no Savana parks/zoos]
– swim in every ocean on the globe
– etc

Let’s not forget get married ^^

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Breathing comes to mind…

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Agree with @ucme and @zenvelo absolutely.

Also, studying. And it can be anything that engages your mind.

Reflecting. Can be through writing, or just spending time considering what is right in your life and what is not and acting on those reflections.

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A mud bath, followed by a massage.

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Seeing the green flash at the moment the sun goes down over water. Rules; the water has to reach the horizon with only the water meeting the sky, no trees or any land in view. Then, don’t blink, because that’s as long as it lasts.

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Dreaming bigger.

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Loving well. Loving many. Making the world a better place because your love makes you care greatly.

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Learning to cook, growing something from seed, exploring new music, seeing live music (there is something so different and special about what happens in a live concert vs. recorded music)

King Pariah a little song for you….

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Has no mentioned getting lost in a good book?

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@janbb Love that! POINTS!

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It’s really not about what I find worth doing, but about what you find worth doing. Push yourself to find your limits at something that interests you, and you will find great things about yourself.

The same thing, if not better, goes with finding a life parter that recognizes your abilities and encourages you to seek them out. The best relationships evolve around this. Trust me…I’ve witnessed it.


Giving your children your unconditional love.

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Keeping a dog.

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Winging it, sometimes.

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Making money, and then making more money.

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Kissing your wife, hugging your kids.

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Petting your dog. It is such a big thing to them, as well!

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Learning public speaking. Conquering your worst fears. Standing up for yourself despite the immediate and obvious consequences.

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Making some time to do something just for you every day. Something you love to do and that tends to get put on the back-burner constantly because other things take priority. Pay yourself 30 minutes a day, every day.

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finding your life purpose, helping others, being happy while you going through it all.

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