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How to fix a Chinese flute?

Asked by jaiyan (181points) September 29th, 2011

I bought a bamboo flute a while ago, (it’s also known as a Dizi) a reed is stretched across a hole at the top and stuck down with garlic juice.
The reed vibrates when the flute is played and creates the sound. If the reed is too tight then it will sound like a western flute, but if it’s just right then it will play in the chinese music scale like it should.

Sadly my younger bro “borrowed” it while I wasn’t there and he didn’t realise what the reed was. He tried to pick it off and damaged it – I can’t find a replacement reed so does anyone have an idea of how to fix it?

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Are you talking about the membrane? If so these sources might help:

How to fix dimo, flute membrane

How to fix dimo, flute membrane, with English subtitles

I posted both versions of the youtube video because the one without subtitles seems to have a better discussion about repairing the membrane.

And the this is the website for Eason Enterprises that was mentioned in the

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