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What's in it for me?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30550points) September 30th, 2011

When do you have this attitude?

Sex? Food? Money? Work? Chocolate?

We can all be selfish at times.

When are you selfish? When do you “look out for #1”?

Is selfishness always a bad thing?

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Egoism is not always bad. It is a matter of taking into account the wishes of yourself and those of another. It is about self-confidence and clearly define what you want and especially do not want. Many people are too nice to be liked by others. A good dose of selfishness from time to time prevent yourself to dissapear totally into the background. After all, we have all our needs that we must take into account.
I for one am selfish about my private space. I do not like to have visitors over unexpectedly. If they wanna come over, then they need to use the phone. I decide who and when you can come see me. Not everybody likes that, but I really need that.

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With work, and I probably take it a little too far, but if I don’t my boss will.

How much does it pay? what else do I get? will the company pay my transport and lunch? and so on.

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I’m definitely selfish about some things, alone time being one of them. But I don’t really look at it in a “What’s in it for me?” kind of way, but in more of a “Can I handle (mentally/physically) what this situation will call for?” kind of way. If I can’t, I’m not going to do it. I didn’t always take my needs into consideration, but I do now. My health comes first, generally speaking.

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I was a bit selfish with my career options when I found my current job (and have thus recently decided this is where I want to stick it out for the next 30 years or so). I wanted to find a place that offered a lot of growth opportunities for me as a nurse. I have found a place that offers a lot of educational growth and different areas of advancement (without just going straight for a management type position).

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Taking care of ones own needs first is not selfish, it is self preservation.
I am very protective over my space and peace and discriminating about where I “invest’ my energies.

I recently read an article about low self esteem and workaholism. I refuse to be pressured into giving more than I am comfortable with, or want to give in any of my relationships or work.

I don’t abide by anyone elses mandates of what they think I “should” do.

The disease to please has been in remission for about a decade now.

If you don’t like my boundaries, move on and find an easier target. lol

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As @Coloma writes, I also am leaving years of “the disease to please”. I am a confessed workaholic- I’m going to look for that article!

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Doing boring favors for my sisters or cleaning up a mess that someone else made.

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Most of my day is devoted to helping others at work, home and local federal governments (taxes). But I take 1½ to 2 hours a day just for me, myself and I. During my personal time I physically work out vigorously in order to help to maintain my healthy, strong and active body. This indirectly helps others as well because with a healthy and fit body I will be able to contribute more to others for many more years to come.

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When my supervisors who don’t appreciate my work want yet another ‘favor’.

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“A pleasure not shared is only half a pleasure”.

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At work. I am paid to do a job but often the expectations are too high for the pay provided. More and more I am finding myself saying (to myself) what is in it for me to do this? I agree with those who have said this isn’t selfishness, but self-preservation.

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Ain’t nothing wrong with being selfish, as long as you hurt no one when investing in yourself. At least, in my opinion. I gotta look out for myself, cuz nobody else will.
That said, I don’t rip people off, but if someone wants to give me something, then I say, well give it to me, then.

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