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Do you perceive Samsung as high quality?

Asked by JLeslie (65185points) September 30th, 2011

I kind of think of Samsung as sort of tinny. I have a Samsung phone, and it is fine, but I wish I had had another option. Samsung seems to be becoming so big in America, and I wondered if other people think it is a quality product? I have not had a problem with Samsung products generally, it has more to do with how it looks and feels pretty much across the board. Phones, large appliances, and more.

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I have a new Samsung ref/frzr, that I call Big Sam.

It’s a fantastic fridge! Not one problem.

Also own a Samsung flat screen tv and a Samsung camera.

All products are of the highest quality and I would recommend them to anyone.

JD Powers and Associates names Samsung as the top fridge out there.

“You won’t be hung, if you buy Samsung”.

I just made that up….....can you tell it???

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I have never heard Sam sing yet, so I cant really say.

I put them as run of the mill really, I own a couple of things made by them, and it all works, like my TV for example, but it’s nothing awesome. Perhaps I would go as far as to say they are above average, but thats about it.

When I think quality I think Logitech. I have had dozens of their products over the years and they all work great, are well thought out, and last a good long time. The price is also good with Logictech when you consider what you are getting.

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About ten years ago I switched from Sony computer monitors to Samsung. I’ve bought about 6 for me and family members. I think all the hard drives I purchased in the last five years are from Samsung.

In my mind Samsung is a top-tier brand like Sony.

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Consumer Reports gave its second highest recommendation to the 37” Samsung flat screen TV. Based on their recommendation, I bought one. The color and clarity are gorgeous.

CR gave their highest rating to the Samsung 47” set, but that’s too large for my available space, and from what I’ve seen, it’s almost 3 times as expensive as the 37”.

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My last phone was a Samsung and it was fine. I have a six-year-old Samsung MP3 player that still works fine. I’d say Samsung is a decent brand.

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I have an old samsung phone and its been dropped, washed, fished out of the toilet it works fine. I like samsung

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I have a Samsung dishwasher and I freaking hate it. We bought it after having 3 Whirlpool/Kenmore dishwashers give up the ghost a year after purchase. I was looking for durability but what we got was a dishwasher that can’t keep the crap it takes off of dishes out of the glasses and cups on the top rack and then bakes it on. I cannot turn off the “dry heat” function like you can on American dishwashers. There is nothing worse than drinking water or milk and having last night’s broccoli and yesterdays toast crumbs swim down your throat.

I’ve had repair people out to check on it three times and it isn’t a defective machine.

The irony is that I’ll probably have this one for years.

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Samsung is an okay brand. Not the top of the tree, but certainly a decent brand.

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Samsung isn’t anything special, however, in my personal experience, it’s affordable, and it does the job.

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