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Have you ever learned another language using an online course, and who was the course by?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) September 30th, 2011

I am trying to learn Chinese Mandarin, and pinyin romanized writing. I have gone as far as I can go alone, I have done all the youtube videos, and have learned a couple more words from reading pinyin.

I have never used a online course to learn a language, I recently tried one but hate it. All the course consisted of was matching words to pictures over and over, and I generally did not like its style (by roseta stone).

Have you ever learned another language via a course or online course? who was it by? how did you rate it?

What company makes good language courses?

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Learned mandarin this way. [well I’m not that good at it but I know basics + a few more].
I don’t remember who was the course sponsored by not who wrote it. I just know I found it, I saved all the HTML and i believe i still have it lying on a dvd somewhere.

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I have been learning Dutch and I found Rosetta Stone to be very useful for basics. However, Dutch shares an alphabet and a lot of sentence structure with English. I have no idea how it works for Mandarin, but I would definitely recommend it for European-based languages, if that’s any help.

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Rosetta is powerful but expensive… you know what they say… best way to learn the language is learn their culture! im sure you are doing that already though :P

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LiveMocha is great and it is free. There are also others such as Busuu and Lingq but I am not sure they have Chinese though I do believe that Babbel does have Chinese. Then there are specialized ones that offer Chinese as well such as Nin Hao.

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