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What song topic should I choose?

Asked by CatieDalleLydon (271points) September 30th, 2011 from iPhone

I am writing a song. I am very poetic about my writing. It could be about nature. I love that. I am very descriptive. Well…... help me pick a topic and I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much (:

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You need to write about what makes you passionate. Like a visual artist, sure you can write or paint “for the market” or “to sell” but if you do so, you are merely showing basic skill and not your amazing talent.

So what are YOU passionate about?
Do you have a cause you follow?
Is there anything in your life you feel the world should know?

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With the seasons changing you could write about death and rebirth.

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Write a song about missing the boat with a guy you saw getting on it.

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oooooo….. yea, great idea @Sunny2

Write a song about that @CatieDalleLydon : )

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Skipping stones across the surface of a river is like wishes upon a birthday candle….

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I’m not sure this would translate to a topic for you but I’ve always been drawn intrinsically to music that inspires the feeling of spring, specifically the feeling of wanting to get out and see, to explore new things and go adventuring after a long cold winter (a wanderlust if you will). Honestly anything that embodies passion, I can’t provide lyrical examples for you off the top of my head but whether it be the Vienna Philharmonic or Pantera Live, for me the emotion evoked is… enveloping.

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The loneliness of the fog rolling in off the river.

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A love song written from the perspective of one zombie to another.

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The tide coming in at dusk.

The leaves changing in autumn.

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The end of September.

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Write about being locked in a closet, figuratively. Do you get out? Does it stay dark?

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