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Can life survive in a Brown Dwarf star?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) September 30th, 2011

I was listening to a radio show saying that brown dwarfs can be 22 degrees Celsius and I was wondering if life can exist on, or in or near, one. The radio show also stated that their can be over 1000 brown dwarfs in the local 20 light-years of earth and I was wondering if a probe can harvest gas from the star and still survive?

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Well, you’re asking several different questions. Could life evolve on a brown dwarf star? Highly unlikely. Could someone survive if they crash landed on a brown dwarf star? Also unlikely as the gravity would be too high. Assuming that they could a) withstand the gravity and b) find something to stand on that isn’t plasma or gas, and c) have a life support apparatus, then the answer is I guess so.

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I doubt it as the gravity of it is still very unfriendly to life (as in up to having 80 times the mass of Jupiter). And even with low mass ones I doubt that the “iron rain” would be very friendly either nor would the occasional X-Ray burst.

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Hmm according to wiki the lowest temperature for a brown dwarf is 750 Kelvin.

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@ragingloli The radio science show was a new show this week… maybe the info is new. The radio show was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Quirks and Quarks with Bob MacDonald. Star not Light, Star not Bright

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Quirks and Quarks is a good show. It’s as reliable as any science show I’ve heard.

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From what I’ve heard/read it doesn’t sound promising but then it doesn’t sound impossible either. Brown dwarves wouldn’t likely have the proper constituents even if they theoretically could have a suitable (if extreme) environment. It seems a greater chance there could be life-capable planets orbiting the brown dwarves.

You might be interested in checking out these for more info A, B, C, D, E.

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