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Is that a new "Sherlock" Dr. J that pops up when you search?

Asked by zensky (13367points) September 30th, 2011

If I’m wrong, sorry. But if it is new, does that mean that someone is still adding features and tinkering with Fluther.

Or is this wishful thinking, and only Lisa and a handful of mods are here – the founders are at twitter – and nothing is changing.

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I’m pretty sure it isn’t new.

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Change? Who said anything about change? Did someone in this room mention change?

We’ll have no talk of change around these parts, ya hear?

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Hey Jake, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, aye mate!

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Right you are, mate.

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Do you mean the lightbulb thing?

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I mean that Dr. J appears with a sherlock holmes cap.

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Sorry, I’m clueless then. I don’t even notice what I’m wearing a lot of the time, let alone what some completely derivative, completely fictional, cartoonish character here is wearing

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Put something in search and see for yourself.

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@zensky I did that. But I’m sorry, it was basically, Veni, vidi, and not vici, I didn’t really notice anything beyond that, that was any different.

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I’m pretty sure he’s been there for quite a while now.

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It has been there ever since they switched from the Google search to homemade one. Here is the image.

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Right, thanks Ryan. I guess I just never noticed it. So have there actually been any recent changes here since the guys left for Twitter?

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@zensky :: I was talking to Lisa about that the other night. They don’t seem to be adding anything but they seem to be fixing stuff. I can’t really think of anything to add so I am glad they are focused on getting what was already added working properly. (like the notification settings bug)

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@johnpowell is correct, Sherlock Jelly has been here for a while.

Since the Twitter deal, the guys have been fixed several bugs (notifications and most of the awards come to mind), and added at least one new feature (the ability to “Mark all read” on the ‘activity for you’ page.)

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Well he doesn’t make an appearance on the mobile version.

When oh when will this unjust discrimination end??

No flagging is possible on mobile, no community feed, and now no Sherlock cap for Dr. J.

Are we not jellies too, do we have no feelings, do we not bleed the same blood…oh scratch that last one on second thought. Jellyfish don’t have blood. Not really sure just what they have.

But this constant exclusion is wearying…sigh….

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@zensky somebody asked this question a couple of months ago. I think some people, sometimes, like me, don’t notice things that are staring us right in the face, every day. Then we finally seed them, finally notice them; you’re thinking either how long has that been like that, or is that new?? Jamais vu…, kind of the opposite of déjà vu.

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