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Where can I know the Italian versrion of the Amanda Knox case? and what is your opinion of it?

Asked by raven860 (2174points) September 30th, 2011

-I would like to know what the Prosecutors have to say and what evidence they are presenting.

-Which evidence are you aware of about this case? Which facts do you believe?

-What is your opinion of the case? Do you think she is guilty?

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No, I do not. There is not credible evidence linking her to the crime. The police were just flailing around looking for a suspect. The real killer is in jail and has been in jail for some time.

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Ok, as the resident Italian i think it’s my duty to weigh in with what the media said at the time. Mind you, it’s been a while, so i had to refresh the stuff with old articles.

First off: evidence here is usually not talked about in very clear and objective terms by the media, they basically represent it disproportionately to make the case seem more vague and wring more airtime and audience out of it, so right off the bat there is very little i can tell you on that.

As i recall the jist of the accusations was that Amanda Knox, her BF and a friend of hers all came home, the two started getting frisky and the friend (the only one actually convicted in the end) decided he wanted some action and raped and murdered Kercher, the victim.

The reason why all three were arrested was the reconstruction of the facts that put Knox and Sollecito in the room while the rape was going on, essentially helping the guy out by keeping her still under threat of a knife. They then would have split up for the night and come back the next day to break one of the windows to fake a robbery.

How this reconstruction fell off the face of the earth and/or was cooked up in the first place is anyone’s guess, since initial tests pegged a kitchen knife as the item used to threaten Kercher, on account of it having both her DNA and Knox’s, but apparently they were wrong because, during the second degree trial (Italian legal system, endless bureaucracy and looping procedures, don’t ask.), new tests said the knife was most certainly not the murder weapon and didn’t have Knox’s DNA on it. Which either means Perugian policemen are incompetent or someone’s been tampering with the evidence and, considering it’s Italy we’re talking about, it could well be both.

To be completely honest with you, i have no opinion on the case. It was followed halfheartedly by most people because they kept running it in the news and because of the whole sexual motives thing, but it was mostly tabloid style scraping of the bottom of every barrel for something newsworthy. The initial reconstruction is very morbid but could very well be true, the re-examination of the knife giving diametrally opposed results from the first is very weird, even for our standard of proficiency and diligence and it’s all very confused.

Some say the case was put to rest to avoid diplomatic distress, since back then Berlusconi was trying desperately to play fingertrap with Putin on one end and Bush on the other before Bush’s ter was over, some say the whole reconstruction was cooked up more by the tabloids than by the police itself and the two things started getting to the same point because of people being too fucking stupid to ignore the tabloids… There’s a lot of speculation and a lot of loose ends, we will never really know what happend.

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