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Why do Stateside bath towels have that band of not-terrycloth running across a couple inches from the ends?

Asked by Nullo (22009points) September 30th, 2011

And what’s it called? What other places have them? Why, for the love of Pete, do they always bunch up the towel?
See, I noticed that the towels that we brought back from Italy don’t have this thing. They’re also very old and still in darn good shape.

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Good question! I can’t find much about it, but I did find this:

“The border is the decorative bar that also adds support to the towel’s structure, similar to the beams of a roof.” – source

I think they sometimes bunch up because that border shrinks more than the rest of the towel. I hate that!

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Usually more expensive towels don’t bunch, but there are many inexpensive ones that don’t either. I hate when it happens. Ironic it is supposed to help with structure. Part of it is not ony decorative, but maybe a sigature for a brand.

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Interestingly beach towels don’t usually have a band.

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That band is made of mercerized cotton, which is a treated sort of cotton. It annoys me too, as it always shrinks and bunches up, as you say. I will never buy towels with the mercerized band any more, all our recent towel purchases have simply had a chequerboard pattern at the ends in the same cotton. It looks nicer and stays flat

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