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Do you think that social networking sites are responsible for a lot of relationship break ups?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) October 1st, 2011

I have just had another friend tell me of a couple who were together happily for over 10 yrs have now split because his partner was cheating on FB.

This is by far not the first time I have heard it, there seems to be a lot of people splitting up because of social networking sites. Whether they are cheating, flirting or just paying way too much attention to the computer and not their SO and the relationship.

So jellies whats your opinion? Do you know people this has happened too? Why do you think this is happening?

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I don’t know if it is opinion, I think it may be factual… I swear I remember hearing about the rise in Facebook, specifically, being cited in divorce cases.

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Totally…just doing some reserch on it on the net now…’s not good. I think FB gonna head for a law suit on here one day, some random nutter will sue them for ruining their life, marraige etc….

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It’s the people who are responsible for their breakups. Social networking sites simply offer greater opportunity for, and facilitate and exacerbate their, miscues.

As to knowing anyone who’s had a relationship end because of their actions via social networking? Not personally, though I’ve heard a tale or two where it was social networking slip-ups that initiated or confirmed suspicions.

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I don’t know anybody personally, but FB and other sites like it would give a wanderer more opportunities to wander, and when the communication is open like that, it would not take long for word to get around and it would be hard to deny if it’s all in black and white. Some people I know tell me they don’t join FB for that reason – either they have something to hide and don’t want it out there, or they have jealous S.O’s and don’t want problems.

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I have just been reading a few stat’s and doing some reserch. I am surprised to see there is one company out there that has done a poll and decided that FB is a glamourised dating site, it has all the tools and offers a modern way to communicate with out charging those fees?

It also suggest’s that a lot of people who contact old friends have already established an emotional connection and this makes it easier to start an affair with someone you already have this connection with.

This is worrying stuff, how the hell are you supposed to trust a SO with stuff like this all over, if they are just having an innocent catch up with someone they have known for years?

I can’t help thinking that FB and many like it do not help relationships, rather break them. How many families have been destroyed because either partner has a tendency to wander and the the other party trusts them?

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I have always said the computer/internet was the devil and is being used for purposes other than its original intentions of information and communication. Yes, it’s responsible for many crimes and lust behavior.

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I don’t think that many more people cheat. There is always a bar down the street to get some action. I just think it makes it easier to get cuaght. And I don’t see that as a bad thing.

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A very good song to match BeccaBoos question, would be “How Long” by Ace.

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I think FB and other social media sites might be the mechanism through which people find others to cheat with, but there must have been something lacking in the original relationship for them to go looking. Some people will also cheat just because it is their nature. I don’t think FB is to blame though. It is the participants who cheat.

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Someone could be sitting right in front of their spouse, yet typing messages or engaging in flirting with a social networking site.

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If people were REALLY happy in their relationships it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.
Social networking sites are not the problem, people are the problem.
I see it as an opportunity based thing.
Might make it easier because there is more opportunity to “engage” with others, but…the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual.

If someone is that easily seduced, well…I seriously question their relationships solvency.

C’mon…everyone KNOWS that IF someone is REALLY satisfied with their relationship wild fucking horses couldn’t drag them into the arms of another.

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