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Dirty coffee mug? Or clean?

Asked by robmandu (21331points) May 9th, 2008

I have, on occasion, seen people keep and re-use their dirty coffee mugs on a daily basis (for either coffee or tea).

When remarking upon it, they seem to claim a discernible preference to want it that way. That is, it’s not simply that they’re too lazy to wash their dishes.

I’m sure we all could come up with a thousand reasons not to do that… but I’m curious if anyone here has a predilection for dirty mugs… and why? What makes it preferable?

If you could have your way, would you want to keep the office coffee carafe unwashed as well?

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Isn’t this the coffee equivalent of someone tripping and saying, “I meant to do that”? I am guilty as charged—I wash out my tea mug only when it starts to get discolored—but that’s only because I’m a total slob.

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If scorching hot water is going in my cup I’m not worried if its got a little leftover coffee in it. Besides, a little bacteria is good for your immune system (if it doesn’t get boiled in this process) and you’re not using more fresh water.

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At work, I wash my mug every morning before the first cup, but not throughout the day because I don’t want to thin the coffee with left-over water and if going for a refill right after finishing a mug full, I don’t want to cool it down (and the water in the kitchen isn’t all that warm).
Admittedly my mug is black, so I may not be washing it as thoroughly as I think…

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I definitely need to wash the mug in the morning b/c I leave it sitting there all night with just enough coffee/sugar to make it a sticky mess. But during the day I certainly don’t wash it out unless I’m switching from coffee to tea. From tea to coffee is ok though.

And the coffee carafe, we rinse it, but never really wash it. Some say that it loses the flavor it has built up if you wash it, so for the most part we don’t.

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I prefer dirty mugs. I think that’s half the flavor!

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Preferably Clean =]

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Ah yes, the dirty…“Stained” coffee mug problem…
It’s more of a survival and being prepared issue….
When the coffee pot has run dry and you’re jonesin’ for a cup of Joe real bad. Just add hot water to the “dirty” mug. Rub the inside of the mug to free up some of that residue and presto an instant cup of coffee.

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Depends on how old it is and what was in it. Generally I think it’s pretty safe within a short enough period, and can add flavor and/or save unused parts of a previous drink.

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I usually get a clean mug out of the DW but if by chance I can’t find a clean mug I don’t mind rinsing one out. Hey; when you want coffee you want it now!

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