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How do I dispose of an old Jump Start portable battery when it no longer takes a charge?

Asked by ETpro (34412points) October 1st, 2011

I had a set up that plugs into the house AC outlet to charge, has a set of cables attached to clip onto a car’s battery leads, and will charge up and start a car with a dead battery. But 7 years has taken its toll. It won’t take a charge any more.

We tried to turn it in for recycling at the Western Auto outlet where my son bought a new battery for the car we wanted to start, but they only accept car batteries. Still, the portable has lead and acid in it, so I don’t know if it’s OK to just throw it out with the trash.

I’d really like to find some company capable of properly recycling it and using the good lead that’s in it. Any ideas?

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If you go to this site,, you can enter your zip code and find out where you can recycle batteries, where there are drop off locations.

These are the kinds of batteries that are recycle

I don’t know if all the places take all types of batteries so you might call first.

I think you can also ship the battery to recycle, with one of their kits

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My town has a clean up day one weekend a year where we can take things like batteries, paint, computers, fridges, etc., to get rid of. If your town doesn’t have something like this, talk to your city council to get something started. It’s nice not to see that junk along the riverbanks and highways.

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@lillycoyote Thanks. Sounds simple enough even I can handle it.

@chyna That’s an interesting thought. If there isn’t a legitimate (not just plow it into the landfill) program in place, I can work to get one started.

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@ETpro the call2recycle site links to this one, which lets you enter your zip too and seems to provide more information about what locations take what, though always good to call ahead, I think, and has some useful articles, e.g. ... in case you’ve ever wondered whether you can recycle your underwear, and I actually have, they have some information on that pressing subject. :-)

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@lillycoyote Now see, that’s why that just had to let you into the 20K mansion. That’s a very helpful answer. Thanks!

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