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Stephen King Fans! What do you think of the announcement for his new book?

Asked by filmfann (46697points) October 1st, 2011

The name of the book is Dr. Sleep, and it is a sequel (!) to The Shining.
And it involves vampires.
According to Wikipedia : The story, King said, would follow a character from the original novel, Danny Torrance, now in his 40s, living in upstate New York, where he works as an orderly at a hospice and helps terminally ill patients pass away with the aid of some extraordinary powers.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you expecting to read it? Do vampires seem to fit?
Should we just trust him?

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Trust him. Sounds interesting.

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Of course I’m going to read it! That doesn’t mean I’m expecting it to be fantastic… he has disappointed me on rare occasions. However, his hits far outweigh his misses, so I’m hopeful.

I love the idea of following the kid from The Shining into adulthood, but have no clue how vampires figure in.

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I bet I know what upstate hospital he is writing about; I make sure to use the medical facilities over the line in MA., when I have to.

Other than that, I have no thoughts, I am not planning to read this book, vampires have had their time in the sun and should retire to the dark of the moon, and who can trust anyone with that kind of fertile imagination?

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I can’t wait to read it :)

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I loved the Shining, so I’ll probably read it. However, I thought he was retiring and not going to write any more books. I must have heard wrong.

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@chyna you can’t take the writer out of the man…

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He’s always said he writes because he has to. Like he’s compelled or something. I doubt he could stop writing if he tried, even if he never actually published another thing.

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Stephen King was the first writer I really got into, way back in middle school. He did vampires the right way with Salem’s Lot, so I don’t think he’ll mess that up. I will certainly look forward to reading it, but then I’ll feel nostalgic for his older stuff and read The Stand again.

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Personally, I think he’s hit his wall. By the fourth or fifth of the dark tower series it was fairly obvious that his writing didn’t have that umph he used to have. (But then again, I think that some of his best were written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman)

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@MissAusten The Stand is my favorite book of all time. I’ve read it several times.

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@MissAusten I think he was the second writer I got into after L.M. Montgomery (how is that for going from one end of the genre spectrum to the other lol).

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I like the basic outline I have read for this book, but when I get to the Vampires I worry I will have to find some “Team Danny” or “Team Tony” shirts.

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This actually sounds interesting. I’ve only really liked his earlier novels and stories, but I’m sincerely intrigued by this. Hell, maybe he’ll succeed where 30 Days and Let the Right One In failed and make vampires respectably frightening in the mainstream for the first time since 1994! It’s entirely possible, too, since he has a significantly greater fan-base and name-recognition than Steve Niles and John Lindqvist. And he’s openly condemned Stephanie Meyer, so this might be an act of authorial war, which would just rock so hard!

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A sequel to The Shinning? With vampires?

That don’t sound right. I’m assuming it has to do with his alternate Dark Tower world.

Still, I trust him. I may be biased, but the King has never disappointed me. Or at least barely.

But yeah, I gotta read this. Especially, I’m interested in this in relation to The Shinning.

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I can’t wait. Currently I am re-reading The Dark Tower and it is just as entertaining the second time around.

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We are talking Stephen King here their is no question as to the quality of his work. I can’t wait to read it

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I hadn’t read anything of his for a long time then I picked up “Under the Dome” and despite the fact that I thought it was much longer than necessary, I found it to be as intriguing as his older books.

So I’ll probably read it even though it sounds a little bit too weird for my taste.

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Stephen King already has a vampire book. He doesn’t need another one.

And Danny’s powers aren’t telekinetic. He “shines”. That’s it. You don’t go changing Danny’s powers just because you’re out of ideas.

I don’t know… King got all his best work out before Delores Claiborne. I just haven’t been as excited about any of the later stuff.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Dolores Claiborne? I would have agreed if you said The Green Mile.
I am interested in his latest, 11/22/63.

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*thinks *

Sorry, I thought Green Mile was after Claiborne.

With the exception of The Green Mile, my above comment stands. The last really good novel was Gerald’s Game. I did like the short story compilation Everything’s Eventual, but even it doesn’t hold a candle to Getting It On (AKA “Rage”) or The Long Walk or the other Bachman short stories.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Have you read The Dome? It really reminded me of some of his earlier work. Also, he’s still churning out great short stories. :)

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@augustlan – I liked Under the Dome and I thought it was more like his older books also. For me that was because it was so close to being believable that it was scary! When his books started to get so far out I couldn’t even imagine the scenario to ever happen, I got disgusted. The same for Dean Koontz, I prefer books that seem as if they could actually happen. (love the Odd Thomas series).

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@rooeytoo I love Odd Thomas, too. :)

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I see that there are a lot of King’s books that I have not read.

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