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What happens to applications for work that are filed online?

Asked by YARNLADY (42320points) October 1st, 2011

The unemployed people in my family say they file applications online, then when they go into the store, there is a sign saying they have openings – please submit application online.

When they go back online, they get a notice saying they can’t reapply for 6 months. What happened to their application?

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Their submitted applications weren’t accepted but are kept “on file” in whatever system the store uses. Some stores have a third party screen and contact applicants.

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Their applications get placed into an application “pool.” The HR department can filter through this pool and follow up on candidates whenever needed…at least that’s how I believe it works.

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Unfortunately, far too many employers who are actually hiring…. are NOT hiring the currently unemployed – they will only hire someone who already has a job but is looking to change jobs. This has been a real bone of contention between potential employers & the unemployed & it is clearly discrimination against the unemployed individual. It should be approached on the basis of the best qualified, but as it is currently an employers market, businesses can pretty much get away with almost anything.

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Online job applications are usually presorted by a system that only scan each applicant and looks for specific credentials with a programmed filter that narrows down the applicants for the best potential prospects. THe rest get filed in a dump file and later on deleted from the mainframe server or stored in another file for future review depenind on how the site has it set up.

That’s why it is always best to KNOW what position you are applying for and have only pertinent information at the forefront of your resume specifically for each application.

FYI… It’s true jobbers!

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Sometimes those places are just too lazy to take down the “hiring” sign or they want to build up their job applicant base because they might be hiring later or they want to be able to choose one person from the hundreds of applicants.

I worked for a very large company and saw what the recruiters see and make their decisions on: current title, current employer, last title, last employer, lenght of employment at each, major, school, name, address. From that information they would decide if they wanted to click on your link and open to see your resume (it took about 45 second to open the resume). Then they would look at it for about 2 minutes before they decided to print it out and then give the resume to me. I would then spend about five minutes or less deciding if I wanted them to screen you for an interview – sometimes more or less depending on how many applicants there were. I assure you, a lot of good people get missed.

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