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Monday in New York?

Asked by renee (148points) May 9th, 2008

I am going to have most of a day on Monday (June 30) in New York City before catching a flight home that evening. What would be a good way to spend the day, since the Metropolitan Museum of Art is closed on Mondays? I have seen many of the major attractions—Empire State Building, World Trade Center/Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island—on previous trips to the city.

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The Guggenheim is open on Mondays and in recent years they’ve opened the rooftop to Rockafeller Center.

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So much to do, its hard to pick just one thing. A lot depends on whether you want to spend a somewhat leisurely day in the city or want to pack the day full of activities. Since it will be early summer, it could be quite hot and humid, so you might want to be indoors for at least part of the day. The Guggenheim is a good idea for sure. You could also wander around Central Park and have a little picnic in one of the grassy areas, like my favorite, Sheep’s Meadow (great for people watching). In fact, you could hit the Guggenheim and Central Park, since the Guggenheim abuts the park.

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Do something non-touristy, you won’t regret it. Better yet, leave Manhattan. Take the metro to Bedford and hang out in Williamsburg. (you’ll have to transfer from the C to the L Train)

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The Frick Museum, which is little jewel and (walking distance) south of the Guggenheim, is at 5th Ave and 70th st., also right across from Central Park. Whitney Museum of Modern Art is at Madison (one block over from 5th Ave.) and 75th.

On the West Side of the Park at 79th st. is the spectacular Museum of Natural History.

How strong are your legs? You could simply window shop on 5th Ave-Cartier’s, Tiffany’s.

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Have you seen the ceiling of Grand Central Station since it was restored? Spectacular! How about grazing? I love the fact that in New York City I can get any kind of food I want any time of the day or night. New York City bagels have a taste found nowhere else. Then there are the delis. One of my favorite bookstores in the world is in midtown: Mysterious Bookshop. I am gaga over the main public library in NYC too—it’s open Mondays. There is just too much to list. Have a great trip.

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I’d like to second The Frick Museum.

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Go to the cooper-hewitt (national design museum), I saw an excellent show last time I was went!

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